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The Brian Lehrer show on WNYC good morning everyone as our world continues to change in this way that was unimaginable just a few weeks ago even just a few days ago I mean the world changed a lot yesterday afternoon with all the different closures and other announcements so we're all living to various degrees in a state of shock this morning and I just wanted to acknowledge that because I guess it's probably best to just say that out loud to each other to help us face whatever each of us is facing with us and to help us get through this together as a city as a country as a world I hope everybody listening right now has a good private support system we will keep trying to be part of your public support system and do our best to provide information and community but not everything is different and we began as usual on Fridays with our weekly ask the mayor segment my questions and yours for mayor bill de Blasio two one two four three three W. NYC two one two four three three one nine six nine two if you want to call in or you can tweet a question just use the hashtag ask the mayor Mister mayor welcome back to W. NYC thank you very much Brian brown I want to thank you for what you just said I think it's really really important that we have knowledge the shock for all and it literally seems to change hourly a lot of the time we have not been through anything like this and people are fearful they're anxious they're confused they have every right to be and I think it's really important that people at places like your show to turn to for accurate information and you know a real dialogue I really want to emphasize the people as a lot of anxiety and fear out there first of all listen to the actual official sources of information I can give you facts for example there was a a ridiculous rumor yesterday that all of Manhattan to begin quarantine that's patently false people want to get the truth can go to our website and why C. dot gov slash corona viruses can go look at can call three one one to get updates we also have a text which I'll get that for you right now what's the number people can tax to get regular updates texted to them they can watch obviously the the city hall a Twitter feed them and the author magazine management are constantly putting out the first information so anyone wants those text alerts and tens of thousands of new Yorkers have signed up for them you text the word covert C. O. V. I. D. again C. O. V. I. D. to six nine two six nine two and you'll get those sent to you and the last thing Brian which is to people's feelings and emotions which are real that anyone who's really feeling worried or anxious besides trying to get good usable information if you just feel you know worried depressed confused in a way you want to talk to someone professional any New Yorker can call our helpline eight eight eight NYC well again eight eight eight NYC well W. E..

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