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Yeah merch baby mertz about the march well i said i wanna use about crafting the customer experience for people not like you and it was pretty interest i would just say not like dave i was just thinking my those are my favorite and slide fortytwo here's a picture of dave slide fortythree here's a picture of dave now by we're slide forty four i don't think you'll ever see that side well in certain circles but i learned won a couple of important things in one was that in my other life deal a lot with diversity concerns but this particular seminar helped me to diversify my definition of diversity in that beer diversity is very important as world right in the second i need a drink to get my head wrapped around that that sounds pretty australian to me wherever mark that you have to you can't has your aids doubt have to have your chick beer beer for people who don't really like craft beer then you gotta have your obligatory sour beer and your kettle sourby right and then you gotta have a fruit beer and then you probably have to have a cider and maybe an alcoholic celt celt and even though all generalizations are not to be taken his universal even this particular statement it it it did ring true that is you bring or or or cokes more women into the craft beer consuming into things that you have to have to use the word lure a rain.

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