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Cave outdoor show. I'm Bob SIMS. Thank you for tuning in this morning. Well, there's good news, hopefully that the wind will be stopping. The wind has blown since last Sunday in the high country, I know it's also been blowing in parts of the ocean really hampering fishing, but there's no shortage of fish. We know that. And now we've got fish from San Francisco will from below San Francisco salmon we're talking about clear up new Eureka area. And, you know the what's been hampering the fishermen up north since their season, open and may has been the wind. You know, these sustained periods of this north northwest win, which is very, very healthy for the sea because it creates this upwelling that kind of basically, spreads the nutrients and makes a very healthy ocean of things. However, the downside is the boats have trouble getting from one point to another you go up there during a heavy north win. And you don't wanna head south because that means you have to come back north and it is brutal. So with that being said, when the boats, do get out, there's been some very, very nice catches, Eric cited about their season in the Klamath basin. We really haven't talked about this much year because of that wind, but we will be a lot more now because things are cooking. And also when because of this upwelling it just seems to, I don't know what it is. Really put a bug in Iraq vision. The Lincoln, they really go on the bite. So when the boats consult in without the wind fishing for both those species, or the rock fish and Lincoln is really good too up there a little different not like San Francisco, Marin and. Sonoma's county, coz words, all rocks of their they have vast areas of beaches. You don't find rock fish there. So the books after travel, little bit depending on what you're going out. Plus, on top of the good ocean salmon fishing, Monday, July. First. The climate river opens so they have a the fish and game commission just completed their decision on the season in limits. I think yesterday or the day before. Anyway, what they're gonna do. Everybody up there wanted an extended season got quite a good quota this year. But they didn't want it just to be wiped out in a couple of holiday weekend. So everybody there wants to limit to be one adult salmon, and one Jack salmon. There's nothing wrong with that. I mean, that's a lot of eating right there. Okay. And plus, if you stick around for a few days, you can keep your possession limit will be three adults and three Jack. So that's so we'll see what happens. Another thing. That happens July first is the very controversial no lead in California as of Monday. You're not allowed to hunt anything. I don't care if it's non-protected species. You're not allowed to use any bullets with Lebanon. Or I think it's like less less than one percent. Let something like that. But you know what I mean, basically, it's lead-free free. And then this fee Lasko that happened this week with the governor Justice department. Well, we'll talk about that later but that just leaves all the law abiding citizens in California in a state of confusion, because the people that run the state don't know what's going on. Even though I mean, I think Newsom what he does every time he opens his mouth. He thinks whatever he says is law. It doesn't work that way. So anyway, maybe they'll get it worked out. I have my doubts if you'll recall Newsom sodas of July, you'll need this license to purchase ammunition. In addition to your background checks, and the Justice department came out right after and said, no, you don't and they, they declined to name, the Justice department spokesman now there is a governor. -ment that has got its hands tightly clasped around its backside. Well, if they find out I disagreed with the governor, he'll see that I'm fired. I mean that's stuff. Goes on everyday. Anyway. So as of now, I guess, you don't need a license. But don't don't count on me. Who knows that this point? Anyway. So that's what's going on. What's going on fishing? I took a trip over the east side through Markley Ville checked out Mark levino creek, the east fork of the Carson, the west fork of the Carson, I went over monitor pass into the west Walker drainage that I went over up to twin late down to Bridgeport, reservoir down below Bridgeport, to the east fork of the Walker river. And checking all those waters backup. First of all, I gotta tell you, it is beautiful on the east side. Everything is green nothing has dried out yet. The all the metals. You find are just lush this deep green is beautiful. We're snow on the mountaintops. It's just a just invigorating to be over there. The water's are high, but they are dropping and we have good news for all the people that plan to trout fish over there over the fourth, because there's going to be trout and all those strange. So we'll get into that as the program goes on. Anyway, up at lakes like, stampede, lots and lots of cooking up there. But you gotta really we'd to small ones to get the fourteen inches or bigger. It's tough to do fish awhile up does not manage that as a fishing lake. They manage it as a brood stock, as like a hatchery to the department official wildlife, so that's why you don't get the bigger fish there. But coconut fishing down at new us little different story. Just don't go out in automatic catch thirty or forty fish. You may have to work for, but you can get limits of beautiful fish up into the seventeen inch read on now. You're, you're talking. Good coconut. Okay. Also at bullard's bar will get a report from rob Reiner's. He was up there this week and limit fishing is the rule there. Now, these fish aren't as big, but they're still in great shape up around thirteen inches. We'll see what, what the bigger fish were when we talked to rob just after six o'clock Davis lake Davis, leg is really kicking out some nice, nice rainbows, and elast week, Frenchmen's reservoir Frenchman's is like, not that far away from Davis. But it looks like it should be Nevada. That's, that's how different the terrain is, but Frenchman's was really kicking out some beautiful, beautiful fish Davis is, is off to a good start this year. And we'll get reports on both of those places up to crystal basin. The is house and union valley and even loon leg will get reports there, even reports on sly park, reservoir, trout fishing, it can be pretty good now in lakes, like ice house, and sly park. You gotta get there before the, the crowds. Okay. You've gotta get there before. Four it's just pushed the fish down. You know that does that everywhere. But there could be pretty nice fishing those legs. And I talked to Kyle Nisar crystal base, and tackle and tell you exactly what he's doing to get the fish eagle. Lick eagle lake is it's off to a pretty good start to usually by this time of year. The water is warm, you have to fish deep but they're still fish right on the surface early in the morning. And during the day, you rarely have to go any deeper than fifteen feet, and there's some really nice fish being caught up at eagle lake this you're, you know, you don't hear of many four pounders early in the season at eagle, but I have this year, not every time out by most of the Fisher two and a half to three pounds. That's a nice nice average. But then you get these fish are up three and a half and occasionally four Pounder. Those are due to what's out of eagle lake. They will set you free. As they say, okay, we'll give you a very interesting take on the sly park campground, and how they run that different than any campground I've ever seen before. But as I said, rob Reiner's would join us Andy Juliano's join us in about fifteen minutes, bringing us up to speed on the ocean and the bay area and Alabama which is just going. I'm just crazy. It's just one of the best seasons ever. And then, of course Scotland Seth CLYDE ones found some stripers in the delta. He said, he would and he did Don pag. Anneli is gonna join us at seven fifteen. There is a fishing in the city program today and Gary, coz, going to join us just after seven o'clock talking about the upcoming derby, and also the number of coconut and king salmon that. Department of fishing wildlife has put into various lakes this year. So you'll know what to expect for the future. Now it is a little confusing Kasese fish were actually hatched in the fall. And by the time they caught him in February, they're considered one year old so. It's hard to keep track one of these fish well, when they're three years old, they're going to be available to be a. Well, what does that mean? Really does that mean two years old anyway? We'll try to straighten all that out where so all that. And more coming up on the cave Piquet outdoor show in the next two hours and Forty-five minutes, thanks for being here. Trust Christine, and I've been doing this for a while. Sam Shane news. We have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for..

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