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Grachev of american company but the american company wants quote unquote hollywood product however you see that and i think that's the question around foreign control at this point i don't see any evidence that that means that foreign films will be coming to the united states if anything the u s specifically has remained somewhat resistant to foreign films and that's always been the problem is that there are a lot of front companies that are always trying to get into the very lucrative us market and outside of art house theaters which by the way are increasingly showing more and more hollywood films it's always a problem get into these markets so the thing is that these are companies doesn't mean the companies don't make cultural decisions but companies you to make business decisions and the business decision is that hollywood product is what drives their revenue but when more and more theaters out there are now owned by these giant chains how much harder does it make it for these little indy theaters and smaller chains to survive i know that we're seeing some of these places sent a family alamo drought how even are going through some some rough times right now the problem is less for the indy feeders as it is for the indy producers one of the hardest things these days is getting an independent film onto movie screens it may be less difficult certainly to distribute them digitally there are a lot of news streaming opportunities there's a lot of waste in which to sell your film now but the indy film market in terms of theatrical exhibition is just as complicated as it always has been an there are the same number of pressures on our houses that there are on other theaters switches you know we'll audiences wanna go out and spent two hours drive someplace spend two hours pay that money and come back to to the movie theater you know the thing that's interesting about movie going as it requires huge investments of time you know the money is another whole conversation but if you really think about it one of the reasons that people were very interested in the quotidien moviegoing with because there was a bit more opportunity for your time to be spent.

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