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Situation they have now soldiers are under pressure. I'll tell you about that. When we come back. We get back on the military situation. And then we'll talk about the world save to the UK and being led by one Gardo. Don't give the gold all the gold is the UK most of the gold that Venezuela has and nNcholas Maduro is saying I want the golden I want the gold now and the world is saying don't do it. It's all coming up after news update on cable J list hurt. I swear. Cares. A knee are slipping today. Erasing gains as much as twenty percent of the California Public utilities commission said it's holding an emergency commission meeting this afternoon. One day ahead of when the utility could file for bankruptcy amid mounting liabilities. Over the recent campfire overall Wall Street began the week in red correspondent Steve Kastenbaum has more. The Dow Jones industrial average lost more than three hundred and fifty points within minutes of the opening bell stock prices are once again being dragged down by the slowing economy in China Construction equipment maker Caterpillar lowered its forecast for earnings in twenty nineteen chipmaker video issued an alert to its stockholders that earnings for the fourth quarter of two thousand eighteen would fall short of expectations. And over to Wall Street, the Dow currently two hundred eighty three points off it's eleven thirty one at KM J valley weather right now, mostly cloudy, fifty five at Radio City, sunny and mild though this afternoon, a high of sixty five we'll see some dense fog late..

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