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News Radio. Af. A vigil for the autism teenager who died after being restrained at school was held this weekend. Investigators say thirteen year old max Benson had a violent outbursts that the guiding hand school in El Dorado hills late last month school staff jumped into action and restrain max face down for over an hour. The teen fell unconscious and was sent to a hospital where he died two days later on Saturday friends of the boy gathered outside of guiding hands for a vigil Parreno. Why told her news partner key Sierra three? She attended the vigil for Max's family super important that we came out here to support the family. But the fact that they know that we're here that we're not going away white still son has autism to and Max's death hit close to home for her. I just wish I can give a hug to the family. And so sorry, this is happening. The investigation into Max's death is ongoing though the school certification has been suspended by the California Department of education. The department released a statement saying the amount of force was unreasonable and unnecessary and that they held him down for too long. Metal. Allen hall, NewsRadio K F B K three men are under arrest following a shooting that led to a high speed chase. And manhunt in Sacramento this all began early Sunday morning after shots were fired at a house on prima way. And then a Thomas area before the men's sped away. Two of the suspects were quickly taken into custody and following a search the third was captured around noon on Sunday. No injuries were reported in that shooting. Good news for campfire victims wanting to go back to paradise all evacuation orders were lifted over the weekend on Saturday people who live in that area the area. Hardest hit by the deadly fire. We're allowed to take a look most of them saw only the remains of what was once their life. They're eating Brenston found ashes where his home used to be but is valley to rebuild feed the deer we watch the turkeys. We ride the floor around the mountainside. So we'll get through the process like everybody else clean up and rebuild. Meanwhile, archaeologists are on duty there. They are working to recover cremated remains of loved ones that were left behind when everyone evacuated so. Quickly the institute, canine, forensics, and Ulta archeology archeological consulting Aren paradise sifting through the rubble and using specialized dogs to look for human ashes 6:35 KFC K. I am not mister lebowski your mister lebowski. I'm the dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that is dude nece or dude or L due to Reno if you're not into the brevity thing. Yeah. Jeff bridges will receive the demille award and XBox Golden Globe awards. The Hollywood Foreign Press association announcing this morning that bridges will be honored during its seventy six annual awards ceremony on January sixth the actor is known for starring in hit films like the big lebowski that you just heard. They're crazy heart true, grit, and hell or high.

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