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Yes. Yeah. Okay. I mean that's perfectly fine. There's no proof for this, but we can do that. So I'm going to say that we have to we have two rounds of non graded, I'm gonna say that apple will do some new stuff of animal to make it a little bit more like Bickmore bit Mogi, which is the family, you know, that you will have a set of stickers that are in your memo face all year. Like I mean, more emergent, an animal an emoji could could could slide in netwo-. But so, you know, for ins- instead of you have. To make a surprise face into the face. I d camera. I for you. And you can take one of those stick messages and apply it into a compensation. I know I would use my memo g more if I didn't have to make faces every time I wanted to someone to my friends, it's awkward to do in public. Right. I think that the excitement of the demo of following your face has worn away now. Like it's not as it's not needed as much now as like a selling thing. Now, it's just like what you have to have one of these devices to be able to make them emoji. And then you just get the stickers, and you can also record video make your own facial expressions. If you want to, but we're going to give you a set of like twenty five different facial expressions. My first non graded pick. Is that mailed out? Apple get modern features like snoozing Scott to happen. I feel like yeah. Every year I feel like this both of mine inaugurated picks. I just use these every year until they come true. Yeah, this makes a lot of sense, also. All right. I was gonna say there will be changes to the drawing and sketching interfaced use for markup notes, which the. That one in the bag I this one. I'm going to add just for fun sees. Maybe it'll even be API. So I think apple should now I would like that would open up the drawing and sketching API that they're using for markup and notes and make it available to all developers. So that developers do not have to write the whole thing from scratch, especially because during and sketching notes is awesome. It supports one hundred and twenty Hertz, refresh rates. It's looks great. I mean, the ink quality is terrific, awards, amazingly well, with the apple pencil, this should be an API. So the developers don't have to make their own and waste time doing so should be API. I'm going to go of external storage support on IRS just so the next time they release an ipad, people don't talk about it. I o s or just the ipad pro twenty eight hundred I'm going, I'm just going to go broad and say, I s okay it's probably just going to be on the USB pros. But I'm just going to say because it. Perfect. Because I, I also imagine if you had like a non US PC, I pep, and you use the camera connection kit will probably look, but, like I don't know that's going to be the case. That's not included in my numb grated pick, which I feel like we're now having to be a lot more careful with non graded picks. Now there's actual money. It's thing. Now that they're actually graded stakes higher. Really? 'cause we got money at stake. We don't usually have money with the other round. It's just trophies. I remember we want Stephen to lose for two reasons. One is my enemy until he doesn't drink. So it's even more fun. Oh, interesting. Okay. Still buy things out of our. He could get your most expensive non alcoholic cocktail that exists, the most expensive coke that you can find maybe you, maybe you could buy the Warren Buffett coke. If you like it imported from China, Correo, China, China, China. Somebody knows. My Nygard pick is I cloud family photo sharing. The, the, the Wimpy little shared voter..

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