Michael Jackson, The Deal, Jim Trotter discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones - Hour 3: Briles done already.


Michael first and foremost can you and i for me a bristol boy band where we can just do jackson five covers i don't know if i've got quite the vocal range for young michael necessarily or any version subsequent version of michael jackson after that so you're really asking for a lot out of me and i am all about manage we expectations way w why is it you just automatically presumed that you were going to be the lead singer this like machine humbling while the at factor are a review play the final on saturday background over that life that is fantastic that that is the that is the truest thing that michael generous ever said there are there uh so that's fine you can be a but you you'd you realize how how absolutely tight the pants were the mj war in that situation so we're going to have to find you some tailored sweet bellbottoms that are too tight in to lose all at one so you are you're still in i'm overdue a lot of both fashion joys all right i sort of made a living off of that as a larger man is willing to take some risks now while you know also willing to take some risks the lines math matt stafford you can argue that that's a risk with the deal that they've signed him to but really it's kirk cousins it's going to reset this whole thing and and i'll always go back to nfl insiders them a few months ago and i was host him with uh with jim trotter and he was the one that said that any time you referred to the business that that is done by kirk kirk cousins you have to refer to him as quote straight gangsta and that's because he doesn't care about anything other than the business side of the business so he doesn't let playing the game affect the businessminded and he's done this thing perfectly because he's in a situation where he's going to get.

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