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Here's a song for all the Christmas song to play too early he played Tony Pulis though we're going to go down okay now find the pancake breakfast the only so what what were you saying about the the the song would occur it was a creek was it a Christmas song doctor Demento raise optional yeah takes place in Alaska right it did so did that ever get air play because I know that we used to use it we used to use it at it Christmas montage as we work to rock radio did that ever was that ever they did put out a single shortened version on a single I don't I've never heard it on a roof on radio that version but in excess so if it's clean right yeah as do you dare Donnelly like a three minute version of the song is just the first part okay okay so that that's the thing is it because I I really have never you know gotten the gets to play it you know what a lot you played a lot okay were you said Rick I hear talk you're part of the album but yeah right but when I looked at him at the concert he was like make your father like a lot of like early Christmas music can you spell your address is one four I felt like the family back Black Friday right after thanksgiving let's test there's one for early Christmas music that's great with like thirty dollars that Rick thank you thank you for calling thanks for that thank you yeah doctor Demento isn't on the grounds are talking about playing songs too early Christmas song that is I mean we want a reminder we will remind everybody there is a thanksgiving coming and so were were over playing Christmas music or playing a little early because I told my staff that this would make a great Christmas special on Black Friday store doing it early enough so we can re read it later like two weeks from now so if you're listening to this on.

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