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Seven sixty wjr news a pentagon freeze at five thirty three good morning i'm dick haefner wjr news a detroit police officer was hit in the head with a gun by a gunman the officer shot that attacker this was on burt road when the man was acting suspicious between houses the officer approach that man than was attacked and wack upside the head with a gun the officer fired shots and wounded that man they're both know hospital bolt in stable condition funeral is today for the officer glenn dos junior this will be at greater grace temple at eleven a m hundreds of police will be there from across the country firefighters will be their first responders dos was shot and killed by a gunman when he was ambushed as he was reporting to a domestic trouble call last week while a man went on a shooting spree and killed two people have to separate businesses before drawing his guy on police at a third location this was in waterford the first location where he shot a man was and tailored the second one was in pontiac he went to waterford to try to kill somebody else here's wjr's ken rogulski to people are dead one at a trucking company in taylor and another at a stamping plant in pontiac they're not sure how the two shootings are tied together but sheriff mike bouchard says a fair to be very tired and i mean he knew exactly where he was going in the financial allocation uh you know the waiting for the gate open rent where i passed the guard went right to that door when right to that one though and then obviously when he got the water for he asks for somebody by name so given the amount of ammunition and his preparation i don't think he was done multiple rifles and many clips of ammunition were found inside a stolen semi tractor from the taylor company the suspect is a fortyfiveyearold sterling heights man who the sheriff says is facing a.

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