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Teasers and games this high total but now that it's twenty twenty, I guess every NFL game has a really high total. So what are you GonNa do I'd look at Carolina teasers there most of the money here has been on the Falcons took some money on Atlanta minus two. Looks like we'll need to panthers but I don't imagine it being a really big decision. You got an own fourteen lane points to a team that's at least five hundred. That's a little alarming. I think the Falcons Ozzy? Explosive, times. I just that defense as secondary really bad Let Raiders the Las Vegas Raiders chiefs chiefs of Million Games, and like ten gate stretch here All four Ray Vegas Raiders Games have gone over the total chiefs out of a whole effort we touched onto the top of this portion. They're laying a dozen here to the raiders so there so that the raiders are the same power rating is the Patriots with Hoyer. I'd say I think Patriots a little better even with hoyer than than than the raiders but. Yeah. I think you getting excuse Kansas City a little bit for a whole effort. They just had that great. Win Over Baltimore in which they looked awesome and their game gets postponed a day because of covid. Code Concerns Cam Newton I should say so. You can. You can excuse Kansas City for maybe not giving their big effort on Monday night. We pulled this game off the board briefly yesterday we put it back up this morning. I will say that a lot of women on a total we were as as fifty nine this total now all the way down to fifty five. So. Moving on the total, not kind of action on the side yet. Interesting. Okay. So Event Movement there your Washington football team has made a quarterback change based on power rating. Any difference between Haskins in Kyle Allah. I would probably say Allen is a little bit better that Haskins of anything but Kyle Amy didn't didn't Kyle wasn't he one of the reasons it Ron Rivera got and Carolina last year I don't I don't know that he's somebody that's really come in and improve the team much. You know this is this is already setting up to be one of our biggest needs at ten am games everybody's betting the rams, of course, nobody looking about Washington because they they're awful. Books are definitely going to need to football team in the spot for sure but it teasers a lot of money parlays with La. Mike Crazy. To think now, Ashington at eleven to one could win the division. That crazy 'cause you've got. Dallas is the best team in the NFC. East. But they're coached by Mike McCarthy you know if you need and if you need an idea of what I, think Mike McCarthy just look at Green Bay they've got measurably better at across the ball across the field. So they got rid of Mike McCarthy. Philadelphia has got the best coach Doug Peterson but they can't stay healthy and I don't know what the giants are doing. It's almost like they're pulling the Costanzo, but it's like they're trying to get everybody fired. no I don't I don't see why Washington couldn't win the division. I probably would need a little more than eleven to one. That division is so bad and Washington has so many good players on defense. I think the best run for the division. Sure. All they definitely do but I I still think ultimately to Dallas is talent will went out in spite of Mike McCarthy. I do too. I do too Gosh I mean. I don't know I.

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