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We we went the other way, which was really not commonplace. And the only reason we went the other way because Walsh told me to write these three names on the blackboard. Yep. A blackboard Gerald Robinson defensive end Auburn Rah, John L Williams, running back, Florida Ronnie Harmon running back Iowa and all three guys went right in a row and we needed to buy. Half hour. So he traded back with the Cowboys to buy a half hour. And then the rest is history. We trade a back, and we ended up with probably one of the greatest drafts and football history with Larry Robertson the second. We then we drafted Tom rathman. We drafted Tim mccarter. John taylor. We drafted Steve Wallace. Kevin Fagan a guy by the name of Charles Haley in the fourth. And then we picked Don Griffin and the six so we had a great draft. We used to have this TV actor Bradford Dilmun would come in. And he would come to every draft. He was a draft Nick before draft picks word he would be on these TV sitcoms, you know, murder. She wrote actually the typewriter that I own is the is a typewriter the same style of type are you've seen it in my office. When I was in L A, it's the same style that was on murder. She wrote because Braford Dilmun kinda was always telling me about it, and he wrote on one of these typewriter. So anyway, so he would come in the draft room, and he would sit in the corner, and we have twelve rounds. And he would talk about you know, he always loved the. Aft-? He would research it through sporting news and through Joe Bush bombs book and all that. And finally after this eighty six draft we had so many players that we picked we ran out of picks and so- coach Walsh. Like, the ninth round says to Bradford he says Bradford you get the next you get our last pick and so- Bradford was just like a static and he gets into his briefcase that he whips out a document that was typed on a on one of these typewriters. And and he has the pick of who wants to pick. And the guy's name is Harold Hallman defensive end from Auburn and his opening line was Harold home. And we'll get more penetration than than Warren Beatty at a sorority party. Never forget that live for the rest of our life. We drafted Harold Hallman. We'd never signed him. He went to Canada. He was an under sized defensive linemen and he made like all Canadian team for fifteen years in a row like ten years ago. I was like a superstar in Canada that is something that Jessica Fletcher would love to write about the mystery of that and how that works out in all the way. Football. I can tell you that Lombardi, I'm I'm appreciative. All this stuff to open this podcast is very good and happy and very well to be back with you talking all things football. I should point out and do a little bit of of upkeep here before we we move on into this podcast Friday. We will do the actual preview here on GM SRI where you make your picks. What we break down. You know, why Dhamma consumers talking about how he needs to get middle pressure with Tom Brady. But before we get to all that I wanna talk about sort of the the allure of the Super Bowl week, and sort of the the.

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