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And when I read that it's like, you know, I feel I feel like I helped I feel better. I feel like I did service. I feel like I might have saved a guy's life for now. But not in a in a in a self aggrandizing way. That's the way that that we sober people do, and and you know, it makes me feel like I'm here for a reason and. Just wanted to wish him say congrats congrats to Jay stay with it, man. Stay with it. So did you check out the New York Times crossword puzzle on Monday, while if you've been listening to me lately when I've been telling you about the New York Times crossword app, then you were handsomely rewarded on Monday. When my name came up again as a clue, I'm sure you got that one, right? And even spelled correctly with a C and not a K. And if you don't have the New York Times crossword app yet you should get on that the crossword app is a fun clever way to stay sharp every day. There's a new puzzle and a new opportunity to challenge yourself and play. And now with the mini crossword you can squeeze in a game and just a couple minutes. Each many puzzle. Is stimulating quick and most important fun. Play by yourself or challenge. Your friends then post your best times to share the satisfaction that comes from solving. It's especially satisfying when you're playing and you find out that your own name is a clue although I guess that. Doesn't happen for everyone. I'm not to my own horn. But I get more emails in tex- about being a clue in the crossword puzzle. And I do about almost anything I do, but listen whenever you have some downtime. Discover word play every day. Download the New York Times crossword app at NY times dot com. So as times crossword, that's NY times dot com slash times crossword. Oh, yeah..

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