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Good work get paid pretty well and then later after. You got a couple of years experience doing that. If you wanted to do something else you can't. That's probably the easiest quickest way. And they're hiring right now. Quickest way feud actually get in energy industry so hopefully it helps you out all right. So next question is from richard and he's a project manager marathon and he asked page what's going on with that changing regulations of flooring at the will site in texas really great show by the way. I'm there's three house bills right now sitting in the texas house representatives looks like one of the bigger ones house. Bill number nineteen thirteen is adding a gas capture. Plan to permitting basically. So it's gonna take a little longer for you to get anything. Approved am pretty sure this. The commission may not use a permit to drill deep employees back or renner and an oil and gas. Well unless the applicant submits the application with guests captured plan to minimize flaring from the wall. So pages that mean basically somewhere near future here in texas that you have to have a plan to do with again. Yeah this goes through senate and then the governor signs off on it. Yeah that will happen. The other two bills aren't to one is specifically elimination of routine flaring. Let's house bill. Fourteen fifty two. I don't know where we are. And i think everybody just started to meet back up for the sash and then the other one. It's just a for the commission. Conduct a study to assess the feasibility and barriers of the operator. So what's routine flurries i guess flaring on the upstream side house is routine all the time. It's a different in a refinery. It flares or something. I was feel like this. Is this is routine flaring of gas from the wool or other facilities regular rated by the railroad commission. So that's awfully vaguely which routine flare on. Well very small bill. What it says. The commission by rule shall establish a policy to eliminate before december thirty first twenty five routine flurry and gas from the war of facilities regulated by the commission..

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