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Hooper thrill the leghari stores a uh like i haven't heard that means that some would read my first pilot hey storm taking at least he leaves the vanderlei go but darling it's bay area important few to stick your finger up to retain will go and get it i like this are until i wash poor storm and they're like hosing down on these uh dr maria rage elm saric i'll i just bought watson from this house on your she's like me i just blew dry this stole his the rattig and matti like his own afghan k a the end of pump dogs for the grooming staples a comedy it's so that are out of sarbam no is so just gonna say they then then they take the storm over to the dry bar and they are like they have like these these like blow drier things and leeson's cracking me up but this is i mean this is i was genuinely laughing at this is just taking the the blow drier think i just putting it in faith and calls a hair is just like going all over the place said she's like lisa stop stop yes below the face i'm not even gonna say where lucy metal because you don't have to say it if you are a.

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