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But on the other hand, he called Louis Hamilton a stupid idiot in flipped him off. So who's manufacturing the drama here? I just kind of feel like if you're gonna be like Kawhi Leonard and be like, all right, I just wanna, I just wanna focus on ball here. That's one thing. But it seems to me like Verstappen is gonna turn himself into a one man Netflix show with his drummer. That was really lame out of him, but not surprising. I think he's socially awkward in the best way if you were a driver. Like I think he is that guy. I think he's just wired so differently that I mean he's nothing else is going on. Nothing else is going on except for him going ahead and winning a race. And this is, you know, just an impression from somebody who I don't know that once all of this became more popular and the sport is so popular now in the states because of the Netflix show that that's what happens is that you never really like, hey, I'll be happy to grow the sport and grow the sport. Oh, now that it's growing, and I'm getting some attention that I don't want. Well, now I don't want to do this, which is stupid. I mean, it's why any of us are even talking about this right now is getting to learn about all these guys. And when you start figuring out some of the stuff and you're watching guys fight for tenth and 11th and you're actually into it, by the way, shout out to cenote, just tough, just tough to pass. He's not going to give it. I don't know if he'll ever sign with a better team, but that guy's tough every week I always feel like guys look great cenotes in front of me now. This is a pain in the ass. But I think the max stuff was very who's the NBA comp? Who's the NBA conflict? Tony Hawk. Tony Allen's Tony Allen might be a good one. But I'd like to go older. Let me be Alvin Robertson. I'm not sure. I'm not sure I follow a particular album Robinson comparisons. But yeah, no, I completely agree with you. And also, by the way, we already had this where Merck and Ferrari decided not to be in the first season of driver to survive. And then Danny Ricardo became a worldwide sensation by being mister Netflix and then Mark was like, oh, no, no, no. We're in this now. We're in this now. And so if we're stopping once to become international superstar, you got to play the game. Man, you gotta play the media game, you gotta play the Netflix game. Tens of millions of people watch this. I just think that there's just not, I just think it's a very short sighted of him. If he wants to be, this isn't, I got to be honest with you. This is a Netflix driven thing. And so many were 400,000 people in Austin this week, Shaq, Shaq was there. Shaq was one of them. Ben seller was there. Shout out Shaq, Shaq has apparently been to some of the European races as well. He's no Netflix bandwagon guy. He's no spend stiller might be some of those other folks. But there was 400,000 people I think there were less than 300,002 years ago the last time they had this race with full capacity. That's a Netflix thing. And if you want to be a part of the narrative of F one, I kind of think you have to be in the show, bro yeah, I think max is totally wrong about this. But he would be if I were to vote or give you odds for who would be the guy that says I don't want to do this. It would be him. Who are you rooting for between max and Hamilton the last few turns? Last few laps. Hamilton. I'm rooting for Hamilton. I like Hamilton better as a personality, which is, you know, when I don't cover this as a journalist, I'm just covering as a fan and somebody and a part time F one podcaster. And so I'm rooting for a team that I like and Mercedes I'm running for a driver who I think is a more engaging personality. I think it's more interesting, like Louis talking about winning is monitoring the max talking about winning or not talking about winning whenever he wants to do. I was fascinating. The one thing I didn't know I George Russell in 2018 last week, Austin is like cherished among F one drivers. I think Lewis said it last week. It's the only city where he goes out to dinner every single night. George says that the track is actually amazing. It was built. He said it was built on a swamp, so it's very hilly and also not smooth. It's just kind of a rough ride for a lot of people. And so it's a very interesting track. And so all of that came together, but I think that just to answer your question, I thought it was an amazing race, but I actually the whole time I was just thinking about how Louis is endeared himself to America. He lives here part time. I just felt like it was a better story if Louis won. And by the way, you know, take the lead in the championship race and all that stuff when we got the aerodynamic problems of Mexico lumen. Yes, yes. Well said, great track. Great track. And then there's a couple. There's a couple of tracks later on in the 5 races left. There are a couple debutants. They've never raced there before, and they said there's a bunch of straights there, so that might favor Mercedes.

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