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We will be knocking. Up tonight knocking Larry is selected his ten favorites. Slow jam slow jam sicker Valentine's Day. There's something about you. Go up to your lady and go my man, we're going to knock boots. They kind of takes you. Call your lady, man. Well, he's just man. I think he was all the fellas out there getting ready to knock boots. But by the way, I asked to ask the question before Doug fister who hit the line drive? Doug fister. Melanin two thousand twelve World Series. Yeah. The white shark, Greg or blonde. Greg right off glancing shot up. Doug fister. Had he stayed in the game as you. Well know where the great fister did. They came out shortly. I should've left, but yeah, the the white shark that. That's good giant. Yeah. It was good giant outfielder vote when he's a starter little different deal that he started in the World Series in some pretty good team instead of put centerfield on a couple of World Series teams. Well, who who else was the center fielder, though, what do you mean who else? Well, I mean, he was the starter for the whole year. Well, I mean, go look at the two thousand twelve World Series or twenty fourteen or both didn't he played in Gregor Blanco. Play a ton of centerfield in both those October's, I believe I believe he did. All right. Well, if they went under is was in the mix the first go round dodgers stores. So I meant they should have. I just started over block. I was asking Mike affair Carlson's going tonight. He supposedly practice yesterday. Sharks caps. Go tonight has always tank. San Jose's won six in a row. Mike is like a ritual here. Larry sincere with that. Or just a bunch of crap. Well, overwhelmingly go with him Brian. I think that was fake and what an awful transition from talking Gregoire Blanco straightened Eric Carlson. All right. Squeeze my Carlson in. We we brought up. The fact that were done is the only go ahead might say it out loud. I don't want the audience than just as Larry so worried about it and the projected lineup tonight. There is no Eric Carlson Kuching there, of course, coaches in there, and we all love on Valentine's Day. You gotta make sure he's on the line. I again, Mike sincere question about coach. Or now, Jerry Larry loves coach. I do love by the way. How many how many how many coaches teeth has? He really lost. Oh is there is there any hockey player? That's like, hey, man. I played my whole career. I've lost not. I was lucky. All right. Well, back Neil. Did you send that highlight of James Neal puck hits him in the face, and Gary you see this explosion of white chick chiklis firing in the air. There's teeth teeth his mouth exploded. But has there ever been a hockey player when his whole career just lucked out didn't lose any teeth? Yeah. There are in fact next segment I'll go team by team. Guys. I I've found that you ask. Yeah. No. I've got I've got three. Got three dentists on the whole will break it down. Hey, john. We came up and we got all excited Super Bowl week work done. The old running back was given a little piece of the team by Arthur Blank's Atlanta. And he's the only living player that. And then what he said to. He goes. I think I'm the only one Larry has a list set of athletes who've been. Yeah. Athletes who've got one hundred okay? This is the list that I have tell me if there's if you know anybody else who's on this list worked on got a piece of the pie in Atlanta. Thank you. Michael Jordan owns ninety percent of the Charlotte Hornets, and are you with that? That's that's probably the Robert Johnson as you. Well know, the man who founded be that's could call shack O'neil, he wants the mayor of Sacramento vers head didn't he own a piece of the king's does he did he divest himself of that ownership? Yeah. You remember we had some of what Marcos Brittan I said, I'll give you a hundred bucks every time shack actually, visit Sacramento that was just a PR. But it says he's now it says he has a piece of the pie. No. I know. But I'm just one percent is good. Santa's wing Gretzky owns the Phoenix coyotes. Okay. Very good the entire team. He owns. I didn't know, you know. And Ryan is a minority owner in the Texas Rangers you see the big right hander behind home plate. Y'all Ming owns the Shanghai Sharks in the CBA. The Chinese Basketball Association is good research. So there you go. Yeah. Serena and Venus own a small piece of the pie with the Miami Dolphins and very that was done. I'm sure for PR reasons, but good for them. I will agree with you. Any percentage is a good for magic owns the dodgers owns, you know, he's another small Warner. Of course, the dodgers. But make sure you got two times. And then magic it'd be funny. If they told magic, hey, we'll let you in on this deal, but you have to sit next to Lasorda and pretend you like him in times a year. Believe me spends a lot of time with Tommy. David Beckham owns an MLS team. I'm not sure if that was given to him Oscar de LA Hoya owns a piece of the Houston dynamos. That's it. I didn't know that credible now. John Elway owns the Colorado crush which is arena Rena league team. I think and then Mario Lemieux I didn't realize this, Mike Marietta. Mu is is the owner of the pens. He's the controlling owner. Do we know that's the whole thing. I I've the majority owner, I don't know if he had the whole thing though. Every penguins game every penguins game. But whenever you flip around there. He is sitting in his in his nice suit. Aren't you surprised though that that list? So that's thirteen people. Somebody said Jerry Richardson is no longer with us. And I probably missed a couple along the way, but we're talking thirteen to fifteen athletes in history own a piece of the pie when you think of all the athletes and all the leverage plays in all the agents attached to these athletes. I can't believe that that number is in the teens. I can't believe there's not one hundred or two hundred or more passed you former athletes who have a piece of the pie just shows you the owners ownership will, you know, the last thing they want to do. Well, you're going to see how it's going to be LeBron. Hey, maybe Durant seriously. Maybe curry one day, you know, because they make enough now. Yeah. They don't have to fake it. All right. We've got love coming up Marcus Thompson coming up. It's all on these sports later lost to get into the future. Or by JR wins dot com and the views opinions and picks expressed do.

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