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We then compute a different score between two opponents to make a list of the most unbalanced rival reason sports so my question is what is the most unbalanced rivalry now in sports that this means the fiercest antagonism the most unbalanced so we're subtracting the two opponents scores meaning i hate your team and you don't care at all about my team that's correct so one team allocate saliva there are other ecuadorian north american is this happen it said this is a game is played in both the us and canada it's played primarily in the us so you're universe of sports fans are you said the four major leagues college football baseball basketball hockey hockey and of course major league soccer being the for the nfl nfl sorry nfl and then college fellow football so does one of these teams have anything to do with a very large city in new york state because they don't really seem to care about anything that happens anywhere else good question but no while i'm guessing college football that's correct because college football teams who are really good for really long and they don't need to be bothered by other team air phil neville knocked down the door now you guys just got to walk through it scott and bridget are you big cultural offense yeah i'm guessing it must have to do with notre dame because everybody hates notre dame you're getting pretty warm now while so is notre dame half the equation nearly as well if the equation and the west coast no visit also in the state of indiana no.

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