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And of course our cox media group radio stations ed torrence is a monitoring for us up power outages and ed your normal gig if you will is watching traffic and i'm i'm a little surprised and i'm pretty disappointed it to see all the cars that i'm seeing in traffic this morning and some of our wdbo jam cams lotta site caesar sightseers out there and fhp has already said do not be out on the roads because they're finding too many people who are doing just that they're trying to sightsee an relating no you should not be here he should need to go back home and again there's a curfew in effect for all of orange county for seminole county four lake osceola that's going to last until six p volusia county until noon so stay in place until then and then you can go out and if you need to hit the road yeah there's almost no no reason whatsoever unless lower now one of the people associated with an emergency response maybe you're heading to work maybe you're just getting out able to assess you should not be out on the roadways at this time because wherever it is you're going they should be closed yeah because is in custody her few you're not going to be able to go down to the restaurant you're not gonna be able to go down uh you know to basically anywhere else kim montana we heard her voice just a few minutes ago that i wanted to bring earn hidden to hear live kim montas with the florida highway patrol is joining us live now hi kim thanks for joining us good morning thanks for having me so give me an idea of of your situation i know that you're trying to get information out as quickly as possible about the current status but we were just remarking that there are quite a few cars is we're looking at some of our traffic cameras we're seeing a lot of cars out there are they all in violation of the curfew or just some of them you know unfortunately that what we're seeing the majority of them are in violation um we have already had a couple of close all with officer out by their cars trying to clear debris and a ours are coming along and it exactly why we don't want vehicles out there we know people are kerry it we know the.

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