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These carefree Halcyon days of late. Teenage years would be formative to creating the musician we now know is tricky while squatting with some friends who were members of a low key sound system. He told them to do some wraps off the cuff new skeptical at first but after a few verses many saw talent that was clearly lying dormant in so weird to me that people can just find this talent one day. It's like oh I'm just gonNA try wrapping right and they're really good at it. Yeah what's that like? I have nothing like that. That'd probably something just no-one said Ashley do this thing. And you're like doing your shit. I don't have enough fantastically great talents. That will allow me to use that as my career is what I'm trying to say. Also I don't think many people can do that as A. Yeah I wish I could again but this is the whole point of the story with tricky is. Just lock yeah. He's a lucky piece of Schick. He just ran with these people who are trying it out and he was sitting there and they said hey sing along to this and he did and it worked a chance for exposure came with childhood friend. Miles Johnson Aka deejay Milo of the sound system group. The Wild Bunch. They had tricky. Come wrap with them at live shows and this is where he developed his very distinct spec saying style saying wreck sang. I'll expect SPEC saying like you know like the German. Yeah but it's singing yes. Brecht means to speak s brick. Spec sang speaking. This was not sort some sort of conscious choice either. This is where I get into our beer. Tricky softly sings spoken. Voice is a direct result of. How very shy. He is when performing usually closes his eyes and projects just enough to be heard but this would be something that we will still see being used by artists today. I mean think about it like a lot of indie. Pop is very softly sings spoken. Yeah so in. Now it's the new thing the the asm our thing is like be really close to Mike but be really really low. And some really calmly. Yeah Yeah and even I guess again better or quote unquote. Mumble rap is very much like that. That's just a dumb affectation well because they're all just really shy. No Yeah you're just fraternity for Shuki. It's like legit. It's an actual thing like I'm quite shah. I don't know how to sing much louder than this. That's my British choice. That was very good. You've been working on it and I have been working. Sit in the mirror and I'm like I'm British now. He not only adopted his style but also his name around this time to at one point while rapping with the group the fresh for a DJ called him tricky kid and it stuck eventually morphing into tricky. A big thing with tricky is. He's a bit of a loner. Uh-huh kind of comes and goes in and out very wafting into group Aloof. He's aloof fish in the sense that he was not always around. You know he'll do something with a group and he'll just go off and do his own thing or go to a new squad or go check out of band so pupil will be like. What's that tricky kid? Getting up to is tricky like a slang word for not always there or whatever I think Lucy like I think it's more of a slang for just like you know he's always getting into something not even necessarily trouble but like he's that kid. That just shows up. Gotcha here we all have that person who just like you'll be out and then just that person shows up in their in your group for the night but then you won't see them again for months. Yeah that's exactly who? Tricky is. All right just show up for a night and you have a great time and then you just won't see him again cool but that's just who. He is tricky was never considered to be a member of the wild bunch. More of a collaborator. That's due in part to his age. Making him just not really notice or care where he could go with them. He's still like nineteen twenty everyone else's more in their twenty s He's still kind of a kid. This create they created a few singles but tricky never join them in the studio. He was still being a bit of a drifter. Like I mentioned before. Just going from squat squat so that was another reason why he just never joined with a group 'cause he was always kind of doing his own thing. Yeah by the late eighties. The wild bunch dissolved when three of the members Robert Three D del Najah Grant Daddy G Marshall and Andrew Mushroom vowles formed. A new group called massive attack. Oh so massive attack or an offshoot of the wild bunch okay but also mushroom vowles Ideas last names vowels. Oh Hey maybe I'm saying okay. So so the members of massive attack our three D. Daddy G in mushroom are maybe mush. Mush is like but it started off as mushroom announce okay because they thought his mushroom val mushroom vowles was his name like there is a story behind that and we do not have enough time for it. Now there's actually no story behind it unfortunately someday maybe we'll do the massive attack story because I think they have some interesting. They seem interesting. Yeah maybe or maybe not for the right reasons and they've been around for a long fucking time as we see the early eighties. They will probably a year or so later. Three D and tricky ran into each other at pub and from their real. Friendship blossomed tricky. Yeah they're fans tricky was asked to come on board to work with massive attack at the time he still wasn't seeing music's anything more than more than a hobby so they worked out to where he would get paid out for being a musician with the group not an actual member okay so he was still working with them doing a lot with them but he wasn't a full-fledged member he wouldn't be listed as a member of massive attack right but he was credited to helping them with some songs. Okay here's a little fun side no So they're manager is Cameron McVey. And he is the husband to Neneh Cherry. Oh and she's significantly helped to back their albums they gave gave the money. She guessed it on a few other trash. This is probably around the same time. The Buffalo stance blew up. It is yeah yes so Neneh Cherry had a big hand and all this will no shit for her right good for good for them. Yes get good for everybody invoked in the situation yeah honestly. Y'All are lucky tricky. We contribute to three tracks on their debut. Lp Blue Lines most notably was daydreaming. The first single off the record while only hit number eighty one in the UK charts. It was still enough to help. Get them some real notoriety just to give you guys idea there. Sound all play.

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