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Find a place to put these homeless so in other words rather than simply saying you're trespassing in that riverbed go that didn't work and then we've had a month in a hotel at taxpayer expense go rather than doing that the county of orange has found a plot of land in the city of irvine to start telling people hey great news you can move out of this stinky hotel with with running hot water and a flushing toilet and you can go back to crap on the lawn in but this this time it'll be an irvine it of course the people of irvine with absolutely nuts you heard them on john and ken today was the demonstration they had like fourteen school buses to get people out to the area our friends down the road at at seven they began filling up the edge of the great park in irvine many of the neighbors carried signs the city of rents taking some very aggressive steps to push back on the county illadvised plan to build a tent city here here across the street from by the way that was the vice mayor of irvine this park tries to sell set a place where families gather after other showing saturday and sunday in irvine there's a park there's a lovely promenade where people bring farm fresh produce they're selling you heard that woman selling fresh salsa it's this sort of idyllic post this lost california it's this loss southern california you know we we don't have this in the valley anywhere to luca lake is a close approximation but who can afford to live until two luca lake so so here here you have irvine a really decent city filled with really decent activist people who understand that in this day and age you don't just sit there and write a strongly worded letter to to the daily anteater at uci or something like that you gotta go out and you gotta make science and he got a raise a ruckus and so they feel school buses.

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