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Have a country to save. And now, here's Larry elder. Larry math. I'm thirty. I just want to let you know what I think the. Republican planning. Up with agape. And when somebody comes and says, I wanna silent or whatever at the gate. Say okay, come back and three weeks or three months or three years and bright over there. Not the US US property. You're hearing pass you're hearing you're hearing you gotta go back that way, they're never in the United States. There's never any children involved in this thing. Other than the legal aspects of it. Easy. Thank you. I watch you go on. You have changed my life. And I'm very very thankful for that. I was not born and raised in this country act an immigrant, and I had this. No. Allow. In my life. I wanna tell the community. What? Four. All the black. Youngest. Listening all. Malta's death is happening around. People screaming about racism, all these. Shop for all these Honduras coming up too. The United States. I understand listening mother sourcing that they've been paid. Who says Oregon? The democratic political stunt. I don't know what they're trying to through. But if you're a libertarian if you're a conservative, you're an independent. The Democratic Party is so whacko you need to vote serve. Unbelievable. Thanks. Kratz wackle. Unreal. I can't believe we should keep the house. Which? Know, what's the matter with American? Thanks for listening. Very fair to story on the news from some scientists saying the reason we don't have contact from outer space is because we're not pushing hard enough. No, no, no you oppose land here. All the time. The problem is when they do people call the cops the cops call the military in the military takes the UFO's away. That's what happened to me. When are you into my backyard a few years ago? So I waited a few days. I finally called them up and say, hey, what happened in my backyard? No, you say,.

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