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Sports. Talk seventy pro football focus. Senior analyst steve palo solo as he does every tuesday at this time. Coming out of an nfl week joins us here grades and all those things that they do to give you guys. It's like the it's an. I mean this is an incredible compliment whenever we needed stats growing up it was. It's always been a like elias sports bureau right. we'll mix tape and study and grades and hard work pro. Football focus is the place to go and steve. Palolo is the man to join us as he does every week. Here on the. Sean sows sean. Sportstalk seven ninety steve. Welcome in a. And i know. He's the topic of conversation here every week. But and and we're starting to see the evolution of ticket to a complete nother level. Not just statistically but just as a player three of his top receivers. Out to shawn. Watson elevates hanson. Qt's been in the doghouse. He was under bill. O'brien they're in a loss. I'm seeing stuff from this guy that puts him in. He starting to push himself into rarefied air. Stephen as far as nfl quarterbacks go oh yeah i completely agree the same stuff. We've the last few weeks and everything and in this season with with watson There's i think there's just a comfort level in in his ability to you know in his his play within the pocket combined with a extending plays right if we look at the evolution of his career. You'd go back and say highlight reel fair. And i said this. About a lot of quarterbacks show me the top twenty plays top thirty plays. They're also mahomes. You know looks. Different and rogers looks different but a lot of guys they look similar like. Hey here's here's some great football players playing quarterbacks about you know wasn't drop forty eight times the other day yesterday. Good forty eight times over and over and over again. It's not that you're perfect or he's perfect but you have to trust the guy that you know. Throw the ball to flat when you need to to throw the curl when you need to throw the dig when you need to. And then by the way mixing some spectacular place and i think that overall consistency and body of work has gotten much better and obviously it was topic at the colts. A good defense. You know a couple of band plays in there but watson's consistency from play to play basis and now subsequently a week to week basis just so much better than any time in in his career steve. What's let's look ahead for a second because you know they're trying to salvage the rest of the season piecemeal things together so they can play good football and be evaluated a new coach and a new general manager. If you were hiring look into your crystal ball about the day balls in the in the be enemies and just i mean deep not just because be enemies. The hot commodity. I mean matt nagy was to. He didn't have a quarterback the enemy would if he came here. What is who would you hire. What kind of guy do you need here. Yeah so it's tough to say specifically. Because i really think when you talk about head coach it's just so different from an xs and os guy right like that's kind of the foundation. But the best coaches their ceo's right. You have to keep people happy. You have to manage the game on game day. You know that there's so much that goes beyond xs and os I would be. I would be leaning toward a setup where i had an offensive guy in coup and then really investing way taco bells toasted cheddar chilubas back. Are you thinking what i'm thinking. Chatterbox to lupu delicious. And now crunchy taco cinnamon medium break. Whoa sorry this is cool. We're all thinking. The five dollar toasted jeter chiluba boxes back only at taco bell limited participating locations for a limited time only contact prices hours in participation vary tax extra threes full savings and sale was happening now. Mattress warehouse save up to one thousand dollars. Plus get zero percent interest financing for sixty minutes unsure of which mattress is right for you. Most people are but mattress. Warehouse is home to bed match the diagnostic system. That recommends the best mattresses for your individuals support needs. Try it for yourself today and the mattress warehouse one year price guarantee means you know you're getting the best price why shop anywhere else visit. Sleep happens dot com for a location near you. Get a defensive coordinator. So i i like i kinda like the way sean mcvay as dumb things with the rams where he where. He's he's the offensive guy. He has his hands on the defense gives. Every head. coach has has to know everything but he's got some really good defensive coordinator wade phillips to The guy that he has over there right now that they took from From dangerous he was doing a great job Whose name escapes me at the moment but I think that concept works. You get your get your eric. The enemy Get your able get your guy that is going to be An offensive mind but then invest heavily on the defense side of the ball as well and get a good defensive coordinator so i like the idea of an offense head coach and just the defensive coordinator the kind of has autonomy to reshape things on defense. And we've seen the defense is an issue. We'll talk about that every week. But we've seen teams be able to turn it around pretty quickly with just a new energy a new system. A new the colt on it The last couple of years with with flew over there. They changed and they started. Playing more zone changed how they attack people defensively and overhaul thing. So i liked the idea of an offense of head coach in a really Invested defensive side of the ball. It's almost like having two separate sides and keeping things out separated. Steve zillow senior analyst pro. Football focus joins us sports. Talk seven ninety. All right steve with a and you tell me where. I'm wrong here but i as a former player. A head coaches matter but more. Ceo and leaders of men. I don't need my head coach. I needed to understand what people are buying into. But i need. I don't need him to be the best xs and os guy on my staff. I need him to make sure that. He empowers my coaches to do what they do and do his research and why he's bringing them in. I would. I would say regardless. Who the head coaches that is the coordinators and the position coaches they hire are every bit if not more important than the head. Coach agree or disagree. It's a business you know. And i i work in a business at pf. And i think you know from a business standpoint. You have ownership chris collins worth owns. Pf and he said they certain culture for the company. The allows our ceo to carry out that culture. I mean it's no different within a football team. And that is why. I think you do see Consistency in new england. Obviously having brady and valujet house we have you have consistency in places like new england and baltimore and pittsburgh and you know the city it starts from ownership and it goes down through every single leader from the top down and if those guys are good and in place i think in turn you get better hires from coordinator standpoint. You get better position. Coach hires and i think to your point on the head coach thing to they. Also they coached the coaches as well. Right i mean if you like what when bella checks is talking to his. He's getting position coaches who are going to carry out his plan It all the best head coaches are doing that so i think that is crucial. As well and absolutely position coaches with the linebackers starts with the linebackers more than anyone else more than the corners. So i agree. It's a top down approach but it starts with leadership. I think the browns for all of their wards through the years they really wanted a guy like kevin fancy. Who get this why. It's tough to like pinpoint who the guy is. They got it the interview process and said this is the guy. This is the leader of men. This is the leader of an organization. And i know it's early but he's got the browns at nine and three. And i think that you know you look at that. That's a good hire to completely revamp the organization. That's what is needed to turn things around. Steve pal joins us here pro football. Focus on the sean size. Show a couple more minutes. All right steve. What if i asked you. What if i said they were interested. I'm just saying they're not at least i don't know if they are gets the texans. Nobody knows what they're doing when it comes to ownership. But what if. I said that they loved lincoln riley. What are you does shawn watson. Lincoln riley a college coach..

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