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Yes like we talked about space time and we talked about the move right. We can talk about. The moon was talking about the sun the sun. so let's get some sun action here but it may be just things you didn't know but her glad you learned rather than things you thought you know. So there's a risk of that. But i i think it'll still be fun but that's not for me to judge. Let's step right into it. Gotta like the sun. It's only the source of all life on earth. Well not almost all all but mostly all life at the bottom of the show. That never gets that. Never even sees a wonder what that's like it lives with sundell show. Yeah yeah in the in the water weather sunday so that has me wondering what happens if you're just fish swimming in the water and then someone captures you. Who's you out of the water into the air. Then there's like lan and mountains and sky file and and direct sunlight as. That's that's the closest thing i can think of to someone grabbing you out of your dimension and putting you somewhere else right. But here's what's worse they pull you out but then they put you back in the water right and now you're going around the your man. I'm serious really happened. Different happened to me man. Like i thought it was some foods right that grabbed my jaw. Wouldn't let me go. They pulled me out man. I couldn't breeze and then it was like dollars light all to call it hurt. Like hell man and it was these things the plessey things man and it was crazy and it was like you know what. Look the battle what we see down the bottom except instead of saying it was like saying but it was real hard and.

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