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The retirement plan checklist I let's go back to building this blueprint but there is an absolute art to building the blueprint or the financial plan because you don't it will takes us let's say an average of an hour and a half sometimes two hours of in depth conversations with our prospective clients to begin to construct that blueprint of the of the financial plan and then it requires another meeting where we're saying okay Hey this is what we heard did we hear you correctly right is this exactly what you envisioned is this what you wanted your your financial life to look like in the future and then we start making tweaks to it just in the same way you would when you're sitting down with the the the the person who has drawn up your blueprint for construction of a property or whatever sure you have the vetted through the proper channels of yeah I could use that word to understand exactly what we're trying to accomplish and by the way when you're going through that vetting process you might say well I'm gonna take money out of this accounts for my income and then you all the cities that you have with the taxes are going to kill me is there another op option of course there maybe well and that's all part of the checklist once that blueprint has been created the idea behind the blueprint is have you really had the in depth conversation with your spouse if you're not married have you really had the in depth thought process what about you with yourself in understanding you've got it all laid out in in you've been open and honest with whoever's trying to prepare your financial plan look here's the deal but now I've been doing this combined almost seventy years and I think that and we could probably put together on two hands the number of people that have come into us over that time that actually had a plan done properly yes that's a true states are my challenge to you is this give us a call get a second opinion let's take a look at what you're doing if you're doing it right we'll give you a hearty handshake and a Pat on back and say good job and keep doing what you're doing if there are holes will be able to point those out to you opportunities will build a point those out to you we don't have anything to sell you were fiduciary is we wanna give you.

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