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And I think that's a critical thing. Because what I'm talking about is going to cause an even more seismic shift in the industries in the trades because we don't have enough men and women, and I said women who are in high demand right now for highly skilled construction jobs, you can do General Construction, certainly, but you know, there's electrical there's plumbing HVAC so much money out. They've heard me talk time and time again about this. But no one wants their kid to do that for a living. They everyone wants their kid to go to Harvard. Well, you can't have that there's got to be people out there. And there's good money in not only that what about the communities that are traditionally underserved and underrepresented. I was. Question that too is. He's folks as well. You know, was this really going to are you gonna lift my is my ship gonna raise. If you build a stadium near me, you can build a soccer stadium. What what about the people who live and work in that neighborhood? And at least in the area around where the stadium is going. There's there's not a hell of a lot of business out there. I know the catering lady is is going to be displaced by this. But they're buying her food truck and everything else for crying out loud, all the people in that neighborhood gun. Well, where's my tune in many vendor? They're making five six bucks an hour. How about this? Go to go to one of the trade groups of which there's tons of them out there. There's lots of construction people. Okay. They're dying for talent. You know, you worry about. Okay. I got a criminal record. They stood. Then they'll hire you. They need people to build stuff we need people in the industries to do this. And if you're complaining about how you're working in a fast food place making, you know, six seven eight bucks an hour. Go work in the trade. They'll give you fifteen bucks an hour at least to start today and train you what what they'll send you to school for free. You don't need to come in with a degree or anything like that. And you're talking about jobs are going to pay you sixty seventy eighty thousand dollars a year after just a few years labor. What what part about that isn't good middle class income with benefits, by the way. And if you start more housing developments, you're gonna need more bodies. It's good for everybody. But I hate the notion that that's all we do is subsidizing. Okay. We're gonna rob Peter to pay Paul. We're gonna complain about skyrocketing housing costs and rent because everything's improving as it should in tells me that there's money to be made at the lower end here. There's no doubt there is. But other restrictions have to beast, and we have to encourage more people to do this kind of work. I got Andy and Tim and room for you at five one three seven four nine seven thousand housing, affordable housing issues rather easy to fix. But the problem is is too many people over thinking this. In a society, that's allegedly capitalistic. Although we're not completely capitalistic. There's a free market solution to this whole thing. And not only that there's a free market solution to what else is in. That is the the the death of the middle class. We'll talk more about this ahead. We've got the ten o'clock update in just about ten minutes here on seven hundred WFAN hundred wwl.

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