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In the rise of the republic a couldn't be a better gift particularly for young people on your list who need to be reminded may be a little bit about the reasons for gratitude for this great country up president trump went down to visit both the museum of mississippi history in the mississippi civil rights museum a very wonderful lady who is a um civil rights activists in her own right is the widow of a medgar evers who was assassinated in 1963 her name is morally evers williams she spoke to the crowd and said these two museums museum of mississippi history in mississippi civil rights museum one is not complete without the other these can be important national resources and president trump tried to say so and look of the the president can often can often disappoint in terms of actually behaving in a presidential manner i don't think he did so when he went down and mississippi he did the right thing and frankly even for those of you who are very very convicted deeply passionate trump opponents critics haters unless you acknowledge when a he does do something that's decent and right he undermine your own credibility let's go to your calls into leslie in naples florida lesley you're on the michael medved show however michael i i i just first of all were to say to you that i think i have a love hate relationship with your sometimes you sound so reasonable other times i can't believe what you say lake wake there's about how he did the right thing i re slump was in a catch 22 if he did he take with thetheir their seat did you've got people that white fully claim this man has done a whole lot to divide this country was charlottesville the few tweets saw from though of racist silver in the uk and businessman pierre and of course he sounded president presidential they didn't come from the heart somebody raise these things for him i understand but uh don't you prefer president trump when he sticks.

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