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I lived here for thirty one years, and there's never been a fire on point Dume that whole period of time. Karen lives in Malibu. West but was hanging out at a friend's home on doom drive that made it through. She described her neighborhood this way. A war zone. She told me about a neighbor whose home burned to the ground only for him to step up bust out a hose and save the house across the street stuff. Like that. It's mazing. It's a reminder. We were all talking, you know, really, get your priorities straight. Right. It's all stuff. We're good. We're going to be okay. And she says those who are still in the area are looking out for each other in Malibu. Margaret, caro- KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio of the sky is still gray. Because of all the smoke. Smoke advisory remains in effect at extends across many parts of LA county, including the beaches, and the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys Patrick Chandler with the south coast air quality management district tells KNX people with asthma or other respiratory issues around the fire area should take proper precautions inspectors out to issue some hundreds of dust masks in ninety five fast, not the surgical masks. You might see people wearing sometimes those don't work at the same level of ninety five dust masks that you could buy at your local hardware store Chandler says if he sees smoke. In your area or can smell it. It's best to avoid outdoor exercise or people who have lost everything in the fires are turning to their insurance companies for help, but many are in for a rude awakening insurance companies already have agents on the scene helping people in the immediate aftermath handing out debit card for renting another place to live hotel room giving food and also renting vehicle, but some people are finding out too late to their premiums. Don't cover total losses. Janet. Ruis is the California Representative for the Insurance Information Institute, and she tells KNX in-depth the people are covered if they're paying the right premiums. They picked her amounts of insurance that would make they're able to rebuild the home. So we do work closely with our insurance and try to help them come up with amounts. So they can rebuild the problem. Many of run into is that the values of their homes have gone up over the years, but their insurance plans haven't kept up and some people are denied coverage. Because they live in fire zones. Rob Archer KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. We will check your freeways coming up four minutes. It's ten eleven. This week..

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