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I mean, any <Speech_Male> dole has never been known <Speech_Male> for the strength. <Speech_Male> Is armies never <Speech_Male> been known for like the <Speech_Male> amazing <Speech_Male> touch on his passes. <Speech_Male> He's never been known for <Speech_Male> his ability fit balls <Speech_Male> in a tight windows. So <Speech_Male> yeah, he's not a guy. That's <Speech_Male> he's always been. <Speech_Male> Paul Brown stadium at one o'clock with rocky. I'm mowing dot com. With premium fuel pellets made by energy pellet of America for this heating season are one hundred percent recycled environmentally <Speech_Music_Male> friendly wood pellets <Speech_Music_Male> burn efficiently <Speech_Music_Male> and cleanly <Speech_Music_Male> at one hundred sixty <Speech_Music_Male> dollars per tonne, <Speech_Music_Male> pick up and delivery options <Speech_Music_Male> available or <Speech_Music_Male> three dollars and fifty <Speech_Music_Male> cents per bag pickup <Speech_Music_Male> only we have <Speech_Music_Male> your fuel pellet <Speech_Music_Male> needs covered. To learn <Speech_Music_Male> more and to order your <Speech_Music_Male> pellets today, <Speech_Music_Male> visit by heating <Speech_Music_Male> pellets dot com <Speech_Music_Male> or call us at nine <Speech_Music_Male> three seven seven <Speech_Music_Male> three six zero <Speech_Music_Male> six six seven <Speech_Music_Male> energy pellets of America <Speech_Music_Male> your premium <Speech_Music_Male> fuel pellet provider. <Speech_Music_Male> <Music> You've <Music> been listening to the <Speech_Music_Male> rookie.

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