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You'll go out and insurance message. People you love so by doing that. I've pre framed it. I've qualified these people and as their joining in this movement. Now there's already that kind of energy right like in the facebook. Page our product member greg. You hear people already going on god and read this book. It's amazing i can't. I can't wait to share this with people. I love and i've actually already done the math. I'm like there's seven hundred of you and you hear you all hundred people if you share this with a hundred people i'm gonna touch seventy thousand. The book come out. that's the best form of marketing. World is a friend telling you you need to go try this right like you need to go read this book. You need to go to this restaurant. You need to go into this coaching program. You need to go. The seminar vessel marketing is your best friend telling you i did this. I love help central part of our first part about campaign. What advice would you have given yourself early on knowing what you know. Now it's been clear. What my purposes. But then there's all types of things you need to help you make that purpose real so partnerships. A huge part of my ability to have a massive platform has always been partners. And we've had herders from financial services companies to media company. Where because we're going out with causes related marketing data big phrase 'cause awaited marketing purpose marketing. But i've been doing cause related marketing for over two decades right. We have multiple partnership at every partnership that we have is going to help us. Spread the message because they know what we're focused on and their folks that same thing they wanna be aligned with us. This truly is one of those first domino moments for a lot of people with their money. 'cause people kill people over money i mean they do. It's such an important issue in so much of our lives revolve around it and making it versus keeping it and how you interact with it and people's money relationships are frankly dismal and pathetic. And that's what you've always been on a mission to you know to to fix my dream work right do has been to get people to take action not about education education without actions. Useless called the compound interest shark lab in the back of the book but they're all proving true my life. It doesn't happen in days happens in decades but the kids grow astronomically and then money makes money. I could see this being the new evergreen college graduation gift for every graduating senior z..

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