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Stay with us in the second hour of our program on this Monday morning July, the sixth two thousand. And Twenty going to be talking to Paulviollis of CBS News in the League. He's actually Willis already. Let's Let's get right into with our news. Correspondent Paul Viollis thanks for joining me this morning. My pleasure, Dave Good Morning? Good morning, so you have been following the the. Case of this is an pronouncing this right Jillian Maxwell. I definitely go with the natural part I'd have heard. A couple of days I know. Okay G. I. S. L. Lay any or something. Yeah G. H.. I. Get unusually low amongst other things. Yes, yeah, yeah, and she of course is a longtime associate of Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious Sex criminal who seem to have a lot of connections among the rich and powerful And She has been arrested in New Hampshire just last week. And there's a Lotta speculation about the secrets she may be able to share with the folks in law enforcement about some of the powerful and rich people. She's hung out with over the years What do we know? Well what we know is she knows where the bodies very gave that net. That's there's no question about that, and he's a very cunning individual, so she will use this as leverage now also bearing in mind what we have right now is when when the FBI the federal government go after somebody. They're very meticulous and they take their time. Hence the old phrase. Don't make a federal case out of it, they they're very very meticulous. So rest assured before they executed that search warrant, they had already gone through the assistant us attorney, and sold their case to them relatively positive at this point, very solid case, probably starting with conspiracy, aiding and abetting as well as your. Very possibly direct participation and charges, relative and relating to human trafficking so. As far as that goes as far as the government has strong case, that's a safe safe that What equally safe about is? She is sitting on a ton of leverage, so if I were a betting man and I'm not, but if I were again, not see this case going to trial. I think she's going to play. I think she's going to drop a plethora of very very wealthy. Powerful names to that the government will make a deal with her, and they will get who looking for us. and I wonder can or to what degree? Can information that is shared by somebody Ms Maxwell's position. You know somebody who is facing very serious. Criminal charges herself so obviously there are some credibility issues connected there already, and she's now basically offering up. Other people. And In designed information about the other people. Stick or it or is it discounted or some? Somewhere in the middle of that range. Just because point very get very good point this won't be. Hearsay won't be third party information. It would be hard. Direct involvement with other individuals number. One number two is given how hunting an individual she is, and how manipulatives? She is very much, Dave. This is a woman who spent years manipulating young teenage girls. into human trafficking, at least that's alleged right, so she inches of her not having video evidence and tape recordings and the quote, unquote black book are highly unlikely. I don't think she's going to come to the table with with speculation, I believe I would I would be surprised if she doesn't come to the table. I've mentioned before with a plethora of hard evidence against the number very wealthy thousand people left. The government's going to want that. Yeah I suppose I mean I in a sense. Would she then had been? You talk about a cunning and manipulative. Suppose if if if you were extremely in that way, she might have been kind of intentionally gathering such hard evidence over time so that she would be exactly have these bargaining chips? If they ever might be needed, right, which is which is exactly my point. That's the kind of person from a behavioral standpoint that you're looking at anyone that would do would. She did the length of time that she did. It tries to play the victim card in played it very poorly by the way with not walk away from the table with some without something that was going to protect her. Yeah. Wow, what a world I mean! This is. This is out of my league I gotTA. Tell Ya and I'm happy and grateful, frankly to say that but I mean these people are and and I've just I've never really understood the any of the motivations here you know. Why does anybody even engage in this kind of behavior with underage people? And put other human beings, and such a such a an unfortunate. Victimization position like this. I. Don't get it from the get go, but. You, don't get it, 'cause. You're a good guy. You know you supposed to get this. You know these are people that are quintessential sociopaths non cystic people. Overly controlling people, they're individuals. They feel because they have a lot of money that people are property. They're like furniture. And they they bind seldom as would anything else, and it's people like Adam arrested more than them that you can imagine. It's people like that. That will sit at the court, very. Of human trafficking the funding of it, they're the the organizational structure of it. Those are the ones that find sell human beings in this world, so to for the government to be able to get to there to that level. Do not be surprised if she doesn't go to if she if. She can deliver. On those individuals with evidence, if US attorney feels, couldn't forward with. One of the people who? I guess was frequently photograph socializing with Jeffrey Epstein, of course was our President Donald Trump. And I've seen socialized with a Lotta people. Dave I mean he here played. You got listen. You always gotta look at the other side. You got to respect your opponent. ex-team was a piece of garbage. But he was smart he. The circles to play in to get what he wanted, so he? You'll also see him frequently photograph with..

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