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In an apple is back in business nobody is safe nothing is yeah this is been around for a while it's comes up and come down it comes up in the local level comes from the state level but it's worth revisiting here because it's happening again the daily caller Luke Rosie act has the story a Maryland legislature legislator wants to identify affluent suburban neighborhoods and target them for low income high density housing isn't that nice you know you'll be the left delegate von Stewart a Democrat row January third that he will introduce homes for all legislation that would quote legalize the construction of modest homes in neighborhoods close to affluent schools reliable transit and good jobs all you people who work hard to get what you earn the Democrats want to come in and take it take it they don't want to take it from you they're just going to devalue it for too long he says local governments have weaponized zoning codes to black people of color in working class from high opportunity neighborhoods pushing them it to the crumbling margins of cities and towns we must act to boldly reverse decades of these exclusionary policies these areas congressman are delegate I should say they're controlled by Democrats so they're crumbling and horrible and all of that why why don't you fix them why don't you fix it but it really going to do is I want to continue to marginalize I mean they have veto proof majorities down in Annapolis I can do whatever veto of ability majority say they can rule the state pretty much taken over rule the vetoes of the governor easily what they want to do is go even further Hey want more control because you know what it's more when you when you ask somebody how much do you need their answers always more if it's a Democrat which parity more how many more taxes now much more tax from any more how much more this more just more more more more government more this more that how about you handle what you got instead of trying to spread because they want to also pad the books if they can move poor people into affluent neighborhoods get them out of the neighborhoods that they represent then there statistics welcome look a lot better just like when they re district Elijah Cummings district in twenty ten suddenly wow he is the second highest average income majority black district in the country well then suddenly somebody get really rich and everything go wonderfully in west Baltimore no pagers district all the way out to Columbia when you get to pick what's measured it's weird how that works you can make up anything you want you can even come across as the hero if you get to choose what constitutes a hero and that's how Democrats in this state manage to cook the books they want to get really want to spread the pain around look low income housing isn't the problem lack of low income housing in wealthy areas isn't the problem it's the policies in areas of low income and the mentality instilled in those constituents by the political leaders and community leaders in those neighborhoods the you can't do it attitude nothing on the earned is ever appreciated give somebody something and what happens to it it becomes a mess in the eight those allowed to deteriorate it has no value to that person it might have value to them in the very beginning but then I got a I did if if everybody got a free house how how well do you think those houses would be capped because it of club which is run in the ground and then the government will give us another house not the most along don't have to fix the roof and the roof leaking just put a bucket over there don't bother calling somebody to come out and fix it war you call the government somebody else's responsibility if you've ever been in public housing you notice that routine maintenance things are these eight I did a lot of work in public housing when I was roofing back in Detroit and section eight housing and what have you routine maintenance things the paint peeling in the walls the carpet being ripped up in the hallway the apartments being you know having wall holes in the walls holes in the walls of your apartment if it's a condo when you're responsible for it and it has value in every month you're paying your mortgage and you see what you're doing and you get value out of it you put holes in your walls because what do you care it's not yours you're grown on it you can just leave it was given to you it has no real value to you routine maintenance that you know maybe you want to call the building maintenance man but a lot of things you could do a loose hand rail on the stair case you could take the screwdriver down there and tighten it up but if it's not yours why would you bother that's the mentality delegate Stewart that you have to defeat moving somebody to a nice neighborhood to better schools isn't going to make the attitude at home any better isn't going to you know you if you build low income housing in and Columbia or in Chevy Chase you're still going to have absentee fathers you're still going to have neglectful parents maybe you're giving you're still going to have the government replacing parenting in general and stepping up maybe instead of that maybe trying curry Jing better parenting maybe try encouraging and inspiring people to say you can improve your life but you have to do it because realistically at the end of the day the only thing at the biggest and really the only thing holding anybody back from accomplishing anything in this country is in the reflection of the mirror it's them and politicians would do a lot better good if they pointed that out every once in awhile now keeping you connected with the latest news this is talk radio six CD W. C. B. M. and W. C. V. M. dot com good morning it's eleven thirty on Michael Phillip Elian the six eighty W. C. B. Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour thirty year old Baltimore man arrested and charged with his mother's murder Monday on Wilbur Avenue arriving officers found neighbors of doing Tyrell Barnes fifty nine year old Candice price Barnes found with massive trauma to her head she later died Barnes received a psychiatric evaluation he is charged with first degree murder according to newly released data by the Maryland Attorney General's office nearly three hundred rape kits have been destroyed by law enforcement departments in Maryland the past two years state law passed in twenty seventeen blocks the destruction of most rape kits data shows Harford county Frederick County sheriff's office in Frederick police have destroyed dozens of rape kit since twenty seventeen Baltimore Anna Rundle county in Howard County police department for among agencies that had not destroyed any kids the past two years a move under way to install security cameras on the exterior of school buses to crack down a motorist who passed stop school buses there were more than three thousand such violations statewide last year almost five hundred of them were in and around the county Annapolis authorities investigating two separate drownings they believe were accidental Sunday officials recovered the body a fifty four year old body color Schmidt of crowns bill from Wien's creek Monday the ana Rundle dive team recovered the body of seventy two year old Daniel Riordan of Annapolis from back creek an initial investigation determined both victims had drowned WZVN news time eleven thirty one we'll have a brief look at sports and your weather channel forecast is next to it coming you know what to do Hey I'm gonna just repeat this mandate off we.

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