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Does hold doesn't need to prove anything to anyone as far as his longevity <hes> went back in the day the absolute best thing i've ever heard about guys who would not qualify to being a game but otherwise are because of outside reasons or something like that in there you gotta check it out on youtube in high school game that one of the and i'm sure i know you've seen this because it's you just can't believe it actually happened that on a high school team. There was an autistic kid. Who was there ballboy a high school basketball team and he was kind of their trainer and waterboy on this team and people loved them. It was an unbelievable kid engaging and <hes> you know he was he was relatively high functioning sixty anyway they they let them dress for a game and they put them on and the crowd went crazy. You know i was crying. I was crying when i saw the guy goes on steve. I don't to make six or seven three-pointers and and maybe the game winning bucket i it was just it was unbelievable unbelievable. I have you ever seen it. Oh yeah yeah it's <hes> i saw some of the news accounts of it like they interviewed the kid and <hes> he's very high functioning for sure but he's still got that kind of <hes> monotone sound boat him right that that a lot of autistic eight people tend to have <hes> inflection doesn't make a whole lot of sense to them in some cases but he was like yeah. I was hotter than a pistol that way said that because like awesome god oh my god yup <hes> and and you know what even more than the story itself just to to see the joy that others got from it at a time when you know you're so self centered when you're in high school and you're so india stuff and you you know there's some probably some bullies that you know probably wouldn't be down with that. The way that that student body universally embraced this moment the way they were all going crazy. That's that's that's a at least half of why that video is so special in terms of guys that <hes> like the john scott story. I think of the movie rudy is well like like that was a tale of a guy that you know they just gave them a shot in the last game kinda thing right as i can you make a whole movie guy gets one play ima- matt they managed to do it. Hollywood's great that way but <hes> end of the day was like okay. I was a he made a tackle and you got to play one and but yet still one my favorite movies yeah. Let's absolutely absolutely. I was like five two or something. No he's not gonna go play for notre dame or whatever big ten school was gonna play play for michigan not going to happen anyway. Great movie loved in this life you you don't have to prove nothin offended and nobody but yourself and if you ain't learned that by now it ain't going to never happen. Wow wow that's a hell of a quote you remember is quotes deliver his second remember try who said what aw try so. I can remember steve from try. Try your best. Try your best okay so so you're not like a caddyshack guy up. All there's a lot of guys caddyshack and slap shot and they know the entire movie. I'll not even close no not even close bigheaded allama. You don't know the truth. You don't know the truth is is that your jack nicholson from few good men yeah. It's not what he says. You don't know that you don't know the truth. Fellas is no no you. You can't handle the truth. Oh oh okay. I thought it was okay. No don't do you lying right. You can't handle the truth all right listen. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to the likes of you well. You went sort of a trojan at the end but the first was bang on dammit..

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