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Alex, FBI, L. A. P. D. discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


This car attic walked up to him his door was open the male static made a derogatory comments towards towards the Asian community you know the individual it was covert nineteen related LA county sheriff Alex being away this is these concerns that hate crimes against Asian Americans may be under reported an undocumented population will be less likely or less inclined to report crimes in a U. S. forces and doesn't have that same worry so that it remains a concern of ours and that's why we continue to make sure we keep an arm's distance away from federal immigration enforcement officials from the FBI and the sheriff's department say they track and monitor people who are suspected of committing hate crimes Orange County officials are reporting six more people have died from coded nineteen there one hundred new cases the total number of cases since the pandemic began is five thousand seven hundred forty four with the death toll reaching one hundred forty two officials say fifty nine of the deaths were skilled nursing home residents riverside county which recently allowed so many businesses to reopen has eighty nine new cases additional seven people have died tell me why total now seventy three hundred forty one cases three hundred and thirteen deaths murder charges have been filed against three alleged gang members for what L. A. P. D. believes was a gang motivated murder of a completely innocent single mom police say the three suspects didn't know the young woman who couldn't even see indoor car when they pulled up next to my golly el Burchell at a traffic light on Manchester Avenue early one morning last month and opened fire everything that we know about my golly is is that she was a very good person and she was not involved in any kind of activity it makes absolutely no sense an LAPD captain Stacy spell says that was exactly why investigators went after this case was such urgency after obtaining.

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