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Had been it's our turn back on the right wing to centre ice on the red line he brings it in privacy and I was shaken up in their last game the flyers last game at sunrise on Thursday I'm glad that he's okay little feat comes to haze of the middle center was the lighting line break point to connect the dots connected by the lighting that he's open the left circle all dealing with a left point now a little past one a braided point it's going to skip the ferry rates are provided at Kevin Hayes try to walk in front mass loss he knocks it away and point collects rated point slides to stamp goes no make its way to the red line and left wing in Japan back to get it is pro rob can you get it out far sighted still fared be you'll knock of all to the neutral zone circuit Jeff drops it down go solution in the right way over a minute in no score Jim the former flyer selected for pocket across the flyers line centerpoint shot wide left revenge is gonna be picked up by telling they sell it to center ice and James van Riemsdyk your Kerry for walking across the blind love circle to pit lake is Jack no I can't lost it on an island shop blocked by one brought a right circle shot see made by Slutsky market again tries to clear this time he does look at out of his own back in the flyers and regrouping as Robert Hager they'll turn for Justin Braun the former San Jose Sharks clears to center ice breeding Kolber knocked it down and zips it right back in lighting up to former flyers on their blueline in this game of course Gordon chan Robert Hagen the flyers ill a pass an ice block by turn a quick kind of it'll Steve at schools across the blood right circles Stephen suit wondered out my heart yours for hate you of circle a little past gobbled up by jadi gourd at the center point by point turned actor shoots the collected over the net by Stevens here's Gordy get love circle laying a lot point had been shoots the got blocked in front for he tracks the puck behind at carver he after the left corner loses brought up the far sideline or awful L. slipping out of his own a center ice in NYC on a Q. bell to bell across the lighting line is going to be stop by the whistle as it was ruled offside seventeen twenty eight left in a scoreless first grade chip bell for the Stevens life yeah that kid Mitchell's given that first shot you got to the top.

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