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Drive the Sumner Tunnel, They're all OK. And the Mass turnpike is Yeah, trouble free as well. My king for W Busy traffic on the three story. Thanks, Mike. We've got a severe thunderstorm warning up for southeastern Hampton County here in Massachusetts, talking about the towns of months and in Brimfield and also getting into Ah Union, Connecticut and Stafford Springs as well. The National Weather Service, saying this storm Is producing quarter size. Hail some pretty severe damage when it comes to wind as well. Certainly possible to keep that in mind that severe thunderstorm morning up until 7 40 fives were watching that for you right here on W. B C news radio. Otherwise, we had more storms popping up through Worcester County. It looks like now we're just seeing a lot of heavy rain through Worcester County, through South Bridge and Worcester getting over toward lemon stur where things are starting to clear up right now you're inside for 95 though just a little bit cloudy outside and we'll see some fog on the coast Tonight. Low near 64. Tomorrow we've got a mix of sun and clouds high near 82 in the city upper seventies right by the beach is mid eighties inland. And for your Friday starting off the holiday weekend, maybe a couple of showers in the afternoon. But for the most part a sunny day, sing some clouds in the afternoon with a high near 75. It's 65 right now. In Framingham, south of Town. A couple of showers in Fairhaven words 71 north of town. It's raining as well. In Nashua words 72 it's 7 35 In Boston. It's mostly cloudy and word. 69 degrees. President Trump threatening to veto a major defense bill now over an amendment to rename some military bases your CBS's Skylar Henry Congress is currently considered the National Defense Authorization Act, which the president has threatened to veto.

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