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So I know we have raider fans listening and. Look, mike. Coral is not with you as the chief's fan. So I take no pleasure in the nomadic nature of your football team right now. But there is news that has come out today saying that the San Francisco forty Niners who don't play in San Francisco. But they play in their play clothes. Yeah. It's close now. It's not technically San Francisco, I they will not waive their territorial rights to allow the raiders to play in the Giants Stadium. Yeah. Which makes next year? Makes no sense. Because I mean. Essentially, the raiders are moving across the bay. Oakland should be there to San Francisco's territory to is. You're saying, yeah. Like they played theoretically already play in the same territory. You know, obey is a little bit bigger than a lake. So if lake that separated them, then okay? But this is a bay this is separated by a bridge. Yeah. Really? It it seems like the forty Niners shouldn't be able to do that. Especially especially when the forty Niners did reportedly say. You could complain Levi stadium right us. Yeah. So they're okay with the raiders being there. But they want the parking and concessions and all that kind of stuff which I don't think is a wrong move for jed York in the forty Niners to do. Right. But it's just like we know why you're doing this. It's not because you think that the raiders will harsher mellow or whatever on that side of the bay. It's that you can put them in a position where they would have to. Agreed to play at your stadium. And and this whole this whole territorial thing pointed out there moving across the bay. This isn't like when the chargers were thinking about a new home. And services don't even bother right? I think I think that happened. Yeah. I guess they see where the forty Niners are coming from. They're trying to be shrewd business people and make the raiders pay them rant and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. But. It just like I genuinely feel bad for Ray. Because it it just so it's become such a pathetic situation. That you can't find anywhere to play. Because you put the proverbial cart before the horse and said, you're. We're outta here. Suck it we're gone. And then the Oakland was like, but we can tell you to go before you could leave. You know what I mean? So yeah, it's not the fans fault. It's not Derek cars fault. It's John gruden's fault. Mark Davis is fault. And but I still feel like just what a garbage situation for the raiders to be in. So now what? So now, if they're not gonna raise their territorial rights. The raiders ain't gonna be playing in the Giants Stadium. So where do they go? I would say they have three options at this point, either San Diego. San Antonio which they've explored or go to Sam Boyd. Since are moving to Vegas anyway, one of move to Sam Boyd for a year. And the reason why they don't wanna go to Sam Boyd is. Because Sam Boyd is not a good enough stadium is that that's why I've heard from like mountain people that hang out in the mountain west that Sam Boyd stadium isn't a good enough stadium for NFL team the plane, but stubhub center is good enough. Stubhub, cigarette works. No actual football. Same telling you what I have heard. I agree with you. And I'm like, there's no place that's worse than playing in a soccer stadium. I know. Yeah. So so then there's two options San Diego or San Antonio. San antonio. Which was that the raiders are the saints that threatened to move to San Antonio. The raiders because saints played in San Antonio during Katrina. Yeah. Right. And then the raiders will I do we might wanna move down. Well, yeah. It was it happened a couple of years ago when they're they're still kind of in discussions with Oakland about a new stadium or upgrade to a stadium or whatever. And Mark Davis just showed up in San Antonio and got a tour of the Alamo dome. Right. I wasn't trying to do anything there. Right. Right. Just what a bizarre situation for the. Oakland, Raiders, you know, they were once a proud franchise. I don't know if too many of you are old enough to remember when the raiders were actually respectable in not trading away, all their players and not having a home. I don't know they balance between Oakland in L A couple times. Do that. Would. You go. They would probably never do this. Because you mentioned all three of those stadiums. Don't have NFL teams in them. But let's just say that. They didn't have any luck until they got to about Colorado. And then the Broncos said, we'll take you in. Would you go? Would you go watch a raiders game? If they're playing the Brian mile high. No you when he goes see raiders versus panther. No, no chance. You couldn't pay me. See that. See I'm a cheese fan. I might become a season ticket holder. Just because it's like this is unique. Now, I did end the tickets are cheaper. I don't know about the their inter conference games. But if they hosted the raider or the the bears I'd go see that right, obviously every for the bears. And it'd be much bears twice in a season. Because the Broncos are hosting them. I don't know if you saw this coming out of the Super Bowl the other day these second lowest. City. I'm trying to word it correctly. But basically like no one in L A watched like LA was the second lowest rated market or something for the Super Bowl. Wow. I have to double check the exact wording, but does that like the whole game combined or is that? Late just like they're just the Super Bowl ratings. Oh. Allow me to it's still good. But let me correct myself. So I have the right L A had a lower TV rating for the Super Bowl than the country as a whole. So they were below average. Okay. They were below the average. Thing. That shouldn't happen. Yeah. Shouldn't but. Just goes to show. But here's my. I bring that up because there were so hell bent on putting teams in L A. And it's like, nobody cares. And. And soon they'll have Anthony Davis in the Lakers. And then the Rams in charges will be even less relevant. Do you feel like the raiders will be a success in Vegas? Do you think they'll be well attended because the Golden Knights fans are outstanding. Yeah. Hockey team has gotten a full-fledged support. Absolutely. Yeah. And it's been great. Yeah. Do you think that that translates to the raiders I think it can I think again? For sure. Well, that's good news for the raiders. Yeah. I just have my doubts. Just because I don't know what the size of the stadium is right. But. About yea big. Why what do you think eating big, seating wise? About fifty thousand give or take fifty thousand something like that. So no seats perfect. They'll sell out.

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