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Without us for the fact that he had a knife, Howard County State's attorney, Rick Gibson, if you add another human being to that equation, another social worker, it's another person to potentially get hurt. But the continued push for police reform at the state and local level has included the idea of putting more emphasis. On de escalation and crisis teams before police resort to force Cape Ryan w T. O P News doubled Ethiopia 305, A TC officer says that if Armin retaliated against her after she reported discriminatory practices in the department in Charlotte, Details the abuses and a new complaint. They include supervisors telling officers to target young black men with improper searches, directing officers to make felony arrest and reclassifying felonies as misdemeanors instead to improve crime stats. The officer who has been on the force since 2004 says. As a result, she missed out on job opportunities, received poor performance evaluations and was excluded from meetings and given unfavorable hours. D C police spokesman has declined comment on the case. Turning the campaign Tony Tony on double duty GOP Saturday morning with the election day a little more than three weeks away, Maryland says it's hard at work. The election systems are secure and online systems are constantly tested for vulnerability. The machines that stand paper ballots and tabulate votes in Maryland are not connected to the Internet. But thumb drives are used to transfer election results, and the state has online registration and ballot request systems, so all sorts of precautions have been taken to protect against cyber attack. Max and our tricolor, the state Board of Elections, chief information Security advisor says. We've participated in a number of tabletop exercises over the past several months, help test and prepare our teams. He says. The state is also monitoring for potential threats from social media such as misinformation and impersonation. Michelle Bash. W T O P. NEWS, the Attorney general says President Trump does not have the authority to send certain public servants to polling places on Election Day come November. 3rd Trump has suggested he has the power to direct law enforcement to monitor the voting process for potential fraud. That is absolutely inaccurate. DC Deputy Attorney General Kate Konopka telling w. T o P. Their office is committed to doing everything within their power to ensure the voting process is safe and secure. A number of With DC and federal laws that prevent a North arised poll watchers. In fact, any poll monitor or watcher would have to be authorized by the D. C Board of election. Asked if the office is actively investigating any cases concerning potential mistakes made with male and balance or misplacement, abouts, Konopka says. So far they have received no reports to that effect. 10 Duffy. W T OBY News. Did you know October is domestic Violence Awareness Month that one Virginia County is raising awareness about a crime that's on the rise during the Koven 19 pandemic. The Loudon County domestic abuse in response team or Dart is calling domestic violence in 2020 and epidemic within an epidemic. We have served since March, 12th the same number of people that we would have served in a whole two year period. That was Judy Hanley of the loud and abuse women's shelter. We're in the pandemic, the Virginia sexual and domestic violence action, a lion said. Hotline calls increased by 76% Statewide. Dart says those suffering from domestic abuse should make a safety plane that includes plans for leaving and telling family and friends about the abuse. Also reach out to local shelters and law enforcement agencies for additional resource is Luca Luca. W T O P. NEWS It's Saturday, October 10th Welcome to the weekend W.

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