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ODU dot EDU today. Space says. Twenty five till AccuWeather dot com meteorologist Heather zehr is at the weather map and begins with today's forecast in the west seasonably warm weather and mostly dry weather has been the rule for this part of the country. However, we are looking for some shower and thunderstorm activity still to pop up in the mountains, and in general through the internet. In west today, there can be storms around don't primarily be around for the afternoon and early nighttime hours and then mostly in the afternoon, there can be some instances of flash flooding, we do. However, once again, have a likelihood for severe weather in parts of the country, including another day to add to the very active pattern in parts of the mid Atlantic across, Pennsylvania, anything, New Jersey, especially we've seen a very active pattern over the last several days and that's going to continue for today. We are going to see the main focus shifting a little bit farther to the south and east for today. However, we'll see the biggest chance for any kind of. Tornado activity across southeastern Pennsylvania. Northeastern Maryland northern Delaware, and over into the southern half of New Jersey also still at risk are going to be for damaging winds and very large hail, as well as flooding downpours, the timing on those storms will once again, be for this afternoon, and diminishing very quickly during the evening hours, we'll have some later shower and thunderstorm activity throughout the day extending all the way back though, through the Ohio valley and into the mid west. Just no severe weather. There is however, likelihood for severe weather this afternoon into tonight in west Texas, and eastern New Mexico. That's the nation's weather nine AccuWeather dot com meteorologist, Heather zehr a girl, born in a San Diego hospital, weighing eight point six ounces is believed to be the world's tiniest newborn to survive sharp hospital for women said the baby was born at twenty three weeks and three days, she went home this month weighing five pounds after nearly five months. Months in intensive care Twenty-three.

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