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I mean the films the i don't blame little surprised me big day because that so out of the blue again why do you nominated director when you don't nominate them for the picture or for these screenplay and i did like 'cause i taya is urging play yeah i know it does it's weird yet out it doesn't daniel kalou i he did get nominated for best actor forget out yes anywhere he was nominated for as well and this movie as an open yet i know it's a port because of zimbabweans and noble and a side film stars don't die in liverpool it's a true story yeah true actress annette bening and jimmy bell so i don't know but i i think in the best supporting you graham with paddington that means that you know armie hammer or mark rylance 'cause dunkirk was grain via that is not getting it didn't get any love it all at the golden globes it was nominated that no at now you've got nothing all right we'll see um no it's really the three rd envist screenplays are so different than the nominee yes nominated films which are different than the directors here it's like do they want to live i don't understand why women gets overlooked in the direct to any cause relieves only seven percent of the direct weather rondo woman was phenomena yes it was a phenomenal movie it was phenomenal success story the way they told the story was readers of the lost ark it was like spielberg good made so i might add money i mean that was a great movie big fears this is to stu fought that they they tend to look down there knows that superhero they do but again it she did something different than other people have done it wasn't like there was another super him lai it had a fee links yet and it had a love story yes that connected with women and men man but it had like to add something different in the sense of humor in high went with two a a nineteen year old in a twenty one right and they were crazy for it yeah i don't understand this is really i'll be curious what happens at the askar's when we see those nominee arms because if they don't i.

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