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It's news time on the new one one five FM seven twenty a m k DWA morning of John Shafer a fourteen year old suspect in a gang related shooting. Death was in court Wednesday Miguel Magolanga accused in the October twenty six death of eighteen year old Aaron Rodriguez Galon was certified as an adult on March fourth and was formerly charged with murder last week was appointed a public defender during his court appearance before being returned to the Clark county detention center. So legal action set for today in the trial of the empire actor who is charged with staging his own hate crime. He's been arrested charged and indicted now Jesse Smolin will have a judge assigned to handle his case. Once the judge is attached. He or she will likely ask Millette to enter a plea in his case smell that is charged with lying to police about being the victim of a racist and anti gay attacked by two men in Chicago back in January. Prosecutors say smell that who is black and stage the beat down because he wanted a bigger salary on empire and wanted to help promote his career today. As hearing is expected to provide a little extra exposure for smollet cameras will be allowed in the courtroom. I'm Oscar wells Gabriel to roll Nevada counties of paid two hundred fifty thousand dollars to settle a lawsuit filed by former Las Vegas entertainer who was wrongfully jailed for eighteen days for burglary. He didn't commit in a bizarre case of mistaken identity. John Laughlin filed a federal lawsuit against ni- and Lyon counties in October accusing them violating his constitutional due process rights and Nevada law requiring jailed suspects, the judge within seventy two hours on Wall Street. The Dow starts today twenty five thousand seven oh two. Check on our weather. Here's news threes. Kelly Curran, we're looking at plenty of sunshine across the area today..

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