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The crises your and we've details several in the first half hour here on the mark Larson show in seven sixty talking breaking news by the way we're on Twitter at mark Larson radio in the arcade L. A. R. S. O. N. radio on Twitter on Facebook that mark Larson media and I personally select various jams for both channels that are very they have any of their channels if you will platforms that our children especially for you a little different in each one yeah I have your Instagram of mark Larson radio as well you're gonna find occasionally what I'm eating because he is that's what you do that's the extent of the social media about at the moment it multiple platform land at any rate all these crises happening and yeah we're told by some I like because you're Cortez and Greta doing Berg and you know that the other with the world's just going to implode under the climate change or not change the cooling the error warming there whatever in twelve years except for the cold air show not there's Jane Fonda again he got ahead of Jane Fonda mean did not endorsing her politics but you know she just keeps on going to she's there's no sign of where she is on the time line of life of she is formidable she is if he's wrong a lot issues but but then she's she's a Dynamo lawgiver then but now they I've heard this now from her and a couple of others that is not twelve years now it's ten years it's if we don't fix the climate by saying just the right treaty with a whole bunch of pinhead's it potentates important dates these leaders of the nation's largest sign something will magically fix it I was about moving money around of course if we don't do that we only have ten years left listen to this yeah subject near and dear to your heart and it should be near and dear to all of our hearts and sure who started these fire drill Fridays about climate change tell me what your objective is here well humankind is facing the greatest crisis that we've ever faced and there were all these young students that were sacrificing a lot working so hard okay hi I'm interested in okay and was full of joy by he's got a lot of time now with these young students and they're scared and and there and a lot of young people are even suffering from they're calling it extinction illness and I just felt I wasn't doing enough in the slightest were saying we have ten years and before it's going to go so far over the cliff that there's no turning back we'll just the environment and climate will unravel and there's nothing we can do and so I said okay I'm going to I'm famous I have a platform I'm going to move to DC I'm gonna put my body on the line and I'm going to do these things and in the process I'm going to learn a lot too when the young people have been with me all the way and it's incredible it's.

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