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They located the victims the family in their vehicle in the driveway. The residence the victim's family had just arrived at home in their car. When the suspect who had been following them for a short distance opened fire on the vehicle striking it numerous times inside the vehicle. We know that ten year olds summer Brown was struck critically wounded her father in the driver's seat. Also struck both were transported to hospitals and summer was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. Her father has since been treated that releasing suspected to survive non-life threatening injury. That evening. Investigators were activated and came together to to work to solve this case. They determined that the suspect began falling victims in the white pick-up that you saw the photos of it was he began following them short distance from their home after what appears to be the victim's family had just cut him off in traffic. Through the course of this investigation. Surveillance video of the suspect vehicle and a composite sketch were released to the media and the community over the next few days numerous tips came into silent witness, and it was a tip to police that event that led investigators to a truck and a person of interest at a residence near sixty two hundred west Fairmount avenue. Privately five miles from the. Investigators identified the truck is the same vehicle using a crime, even after modifications were actively made to change the vehicle's appearance. Search warrant was served on the home, and he handgun was located inside the garage, which was linked through forensic evidence to homicide twenty year old. Josh Gonzales was then booked into jail on one count of first degree murder three counts of aggravated assault. And I believe I sent the booking number the CFO bookie number around two. Do you have any questions? Yes..

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