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Of deal. I showed you type of thing. I didn't really have that attitude about it. But i definitely after finally giving up on. The olympic aspirations retiring early that summer was now able to dedicate and focus one hundred percent on on going out and be a world champion when i rolled into that title fight with most. I never set out to be a world champions. This new sport that i saw other restaurants doing that i wanted to try and low behold instead of a month on fighting for world championship. It just got to happen so as a little wellness it was like what the heck just happened now. I'm very focused to set the goal. Look no. I'm gonna win that tile back so certainly a sense of accomplishment to get back in get get another title shot to beat. A guy is formidable as as kevin To win the title definitely vilified achieved the goal. And something i set out to achieve whether you have see is a lot of upheaval at this point. Do for buying them out before the next time you do a ufc show. So in the meantime you return to japan and rings when you meet with the farinas and dana white here what they have planned for the of c. Yeah that's an interesting story. Because that december. After i beat kevin i was in japan. I was and dan henderson. And matt linlin was over there for a few weeks right before christmas. I was looking for new management. I'd i'd walked away from rico at lou There was a lotta headbutting. Going on between davis to who was running the show and me dante decided it was time to move on and get some some other representation. I signed with a a group called bala- management. Which was jeremy lab. Peter levin but i also talked dana white because at that time dana white which representing chuck liddell and tito ortiz is their manager. I sat down with him while i was in japan. Talk to him about representing me as well as a potential manager. I'd also met with jeremy and peter levin with battle management. I hadn't made a decision yet and then dana calm after we met and he said look. There's big things happening. You're gonna like what's going on. But i'm not going to be able to manage and i said you know i appreciate your call me but i already coincide with these other guys But thanks and i'll be watching out to see what's coming down the pike and sure enough that february. The for titas and dana white bought the company from bob meyer whitson. Sag now right away state. They you know they took a bunch of their top guys and they started this ad campaign with carmen electra khanna trying to mainstream the sport change the image of the sport. Make it a legitimate event. Not this kind of sideshow or freakshow that had become and they ran towards regulation towards unified rules that previous year With sag at the home. larry hazzard at a new jersey at the commission jersey developed unified rules that they started promoting all boxing commissions across the country. So you know it was again a bit of a wild west. There were underground shows and stuff going on everywhere but the rules of engagement were differ depending on where you went. Even what was going on in pride in japan at that time or shoot though and pancreatic japan at that time each one of those organizations different rules in different rules of engagement and these unified rules kind of leveled the playing field. Everybody was kind of made it a legitimate sport. these are the rules is what we do. and then they kept tweaking that every time there was a show in the rules would change just a little bit but The for titas had the savvy and the pocket book to really revamp the sport and push it out into the mainstream as a legitimate sport instead it is pay per view freed show band up to that point and they deserve credit for that they definitely had some vision. Did they ever lay out that vision to you as one of their cornerstone guys of hey. Here's what we're trying to do. Would you have ever envisioned that. It would become as big as it did I think we were all hopeful. We're all worried that it was going to die certainly with with. Sag running it. It was it was dwindling was on its way to to suffering and maybe going away and i think because of the lorenzo for tita especially but the potatoes and dana white they had the connections and the savvy to kind of revamp the sport run towards regulation. You know embraced the unified rules. Create rounds in ten point must scoring system. Those are all things from boxing in combative sports that we understand in the american market. So i think all of those things helped with sports to gain momentum but even then it was still struggling they. It's been about forty million dollars doing all that remarketing and all that and they still work getting back. The money in the paper abused. Stop money so. They came up with the idea in canada last ditch effort to do the ultimate fighter this in two thousand or they come up with this format. The only one that will put it on tv with spike. And of course everyone knows the story from there. The ufc got their big break with the ultimate fighter and went really mainstream and the sport just exploded But let's go back and talk about zoo. I took over and now you're thinking about coming back in. They bought the company They it signed pedro his it to a nine fight deal biggest deal. Anybody had gotten into sport at that point and i was an old. I was pushing push. Joe heddon hidden towards forty and their heavyweight champion when they bought the company. So i don't think they thought it was very marketable as an older champion They wanted this young brazilian kid. Who's a big stud great kickboxer Too i think they expected him to be in that fight and it didn't go out that way. I ended up winning. Three three of the five rounds and winning unanimous decision which i think kind of monkey wrench their plans for that for that. Beginning stood pedro. His oh They signed him to a nine fight deal. That was the first to nine of his fights with he didn't win the title so I was due to renegotiate contract. And they said okay. We'll we'll really appreciate what you but you have to give him an automatic rematch. I'm like well eight. Kick the dog snot out of my lead leg. I don't really want to do that. But if that's what we gotta do that's what we do. So i went ahead and signed. A new contract agreed to the automatic rematch and went to seattle and started training with most smith. The guy flapper my first title. Fight the great kickboxer that he was he he'll be changed my stance figure out how to check kicks out of throat kicks really adjusted and tweaked a lot of these in my style. I was to walk out there in a wrestler stand sixty percent of my way on my front leg and the other forty percent on my back leg Uses a rudder kinda change directions and penetrate to take guys down in in fighting and kickboxing. It's the opposite. It put about sixty percent of your weight on your back legs that you could raise that up and deflect kicks off of you shed instead of taking it to the meteor thighs That was something. I had not learned in till i started training with most mitt and getting ready for that second. Pedro is a fight. He kicked me fourteen times in matt. I by my legs swelled up in turn black. I still have a dent in modify where some of that muscle. It's dead the hell with you or not cover back so.

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