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They're everyone's trying to figure out scheduling in arenas, right, you know, cuz typically like I'm sure sports teams have probably already yeah and then concerts and them selling and like that Disney on Ice and whatnot. So, I think it's just they've got to get like their schedule worked out, you know, cuz they can't just like start taking any job openings. You know, you don't want to go from like right fucking Los Angeles to Maryland to see you want to bounce around you want to kind of follow a path, you know? Yeah, I don't know so we'll see anything else. I didn't have. All right. Let's get oh shit. I didn't pre-read Finn questions. Oh, no. No not that means we are in big trouble. I mean, there's the okay. So there's a lot can't get to all of them. Unfortunately. Let's see Joe Martin. Why would you enter the Royal Rumble when you could just ask for a title shot of WrestleMania? That's true. That's true. Yeah, it's a good point West Albright is Bobby trying to form the ouchy Corporation with the 24/7 jobbers cheek. Maybe I like that in a cloud fox in Charlotte tweeting that she has covid-19 seems like something Vince wouldn't be okay with any chance. She did that because of how untried he was treated. I don't know maybe Vince gave her covid-19, you know. Yeah, I can happen to yeah, Justin Stewart you sure retribution is the worst state of all time when we also have the social outcasts 3MB and the core. Yes. I'm a retribution still the worst stable actually. Yeah for sure. I'm even worse than the core. Do you remember the course of the core the core was like wasn't that the NX the next or the Nexus the Nexus Rejects and Wade Barrett, like after upon took over the nexus. Yeah. Yeah. I've been adamant. So many fines are they going to hand out four legs slaps? I tried to count but they were so many I gave up a lot of slapping the leg tow truck isn't Andrew technically Andy for belts or did someone beat him for his beat the cock Championship? Oh shit rice. Well, he doesn't have a belt need a belt for that's just like the belt make some onions wage. Someone get a title Bell and glue the biggest dildo. You can find on it and he'll wear it. Yeah, that's your beat the channel guy until do Shawn Palm can was it strange that retribution was a nun Raw After Fastlane. Nope know they're broken up, right? I mean, did you watch Fast Lanes? No explanation after that. Of course. No, of course why the fuk didn't they just take off? Masks I know like fuck this shit. I know stupid ass masks. Yeah, it's awful. Jalen Silva. What do you think Orton was thinking about just to not get hard gardener snake while Alexa was riding him like Seabiscuit, by the way, the Finas into getting cocked clearly. Yeah. Well Jordan was definitely hard for sure. I would yeah, I mean I wouldn't be trying to not get hard. Right? Like I'm sure Orton was trying to make her feel it. You know, he wanted to impress her. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, Minnesota. Nice. Well the oskin Ripley home match with no hype overshadows Sasha vs. Bianca with months of hype. No. No, they're definitely pushing that as a bigger women's match, right? I mean that's you know, they LED Bellaire when the rumble not Ripley. Yeah exactly J J Flores any chance you guys interview another retired wrestler or wrestling personality, maybe who knows wage? It's always possible Right. I'd like to I mean every I used to reach out a lot. It's just you don't get a lot of results back because everyone wants to go back to WWE, you know, exactly and they don't offer a fucking, you know, ya have their name tied onto one of our episodes, I guess right. So Mike Dawes injured grow up and go to WrestleMania, you know, you want to Jo main goal. Will Joe's not here to make me go. Yeah. So there you go there next year. It's in Dallas. Yeah, and then the year after and Hollywood we're going to go to those. Fuck. Yeah, we already oh we're going to be a witness for like a few days probably about yeah. I'm not I'm not going to fucking drive up Sunday and come back know he'll know now we're going for we're going to do the whole shebang. Yeah. I mean, who knows if there's going to be a takeover right? There might be I think over will find like a brewery or something and do like a hangout Shore some sort of live show for sure. We might tailgate. Oh for sure we will Do another fucking video is I can't wait to do those again, right? See that's the thing. I love tailgating. But I love doing like the man in the street. Yeah, so videos married last time that fucking yeah, and then the guy dresses Orton. Yeah a little kid ran up and punched him in the dick for no fiber, you know, like the one we did in New York the most that was the guy that was so fun. This song Nasty Boys. They're fucking armpit on my face. That was so sad. That's how you treat strangers. That's the thumbnail clip for the for that video on YouTube to check engine. Yeah. It is a mirror which one deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more Christian or William Regal. Hm. I mean Christian was a world champion Christian wasn't world champion. I mean, I mean, I think they're both equally deserving to be honest. That's a cop-out Eric. I will say that Regal has been has had a longer tenure. Look, yeah sure, you know, he's definitely had a longer wrestling career too. Cuz he also had yeah, I mean they should both be in. Yes, Ali and obviously when he comes out it has to be to the Hughes math, right? It has to be that song Steve the Don Volante. Have you guys ever seen the movie Southland Tales starring The Rock and Seann William Scott and Justin Timberlake. It's a weird experience. But some funny one-liners you guys would enjoy especially from The Rock. I believe it would make a good recap because it's really bad. Have you seen it? I've seen it. I'm like own it. Is it the sequel to The Rundown? No, no, no song has gotten the this is a completely different movie. It's kind of like a mind-fuck Sarah Michelle Gellar's in it to like her. Yeah, Sarah Michelle Gellar's kind of like Like the Alexa Bliss of Hollywood. Yeah, like she's tiny little short thing but she's super fucking hot. Yeah. I loved her on the me and Joe like will always like talk about the 2002 MTV Movie Awards page her and Jack Black that hosted like that's always been my favorite like award.

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