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Hard to get into that club. No, it's like the hardest club. We shot at Disneyland. Like midway through our run on Modern Family and we got took us all to dinner at the club 33 and did you see that there's a private suite you can stay at and crazy. It's amazing. So I can tell you not because I'm on this thing with you, but those were the greatest shows I've ever seen now. Oh, thank you, buddy. And I always, you know, I always gauge something, if I say, fuck, I wish I was in that. Yeah. That's when I know I really love this, you know, I really, and I said, fuck, I wish I was in that until a lot of things, and then I was in it, but not yours. So well, hold on. We're blowing up again on TikTok for some reason. A lot of Modern Family memes. So maybe we'll maybe we'll be back for a reboot. We'll keep you. You've literally been in everything that I'm like, holy shit, I love Succession. Oh, there's your everything. Succession was, you know, I just, I got to say, I have I have a show that I'm really proud of coming out on the 18th of February that Ben Stiller directed and produced called it's called severn and it's on Apple. It's Adam Scott. Oh wow. It's a terrible cast. Adam Scott Chris walken. Patricia Arquette. It's a bunch of hacks. Oh my God. Running shit over at Apple. It's like a one boat. What a garbage truck. I was like a terrible love boat episode. That's a terrible love bought episode. No, it's super cool show. It's a very high concept very high concept show and shot, but shot beautifully. I mean, the whole thing I have to say is pretty part of that. And that comes out severance, February 18th. Well, we'll link to that trailer and we'll link to the premiere that is tonight so you won't hear this thing is coming out probably tonight. So or tomorrow. So, you know, definitely you think guy can pull it together that fast? Look at that face. Look at him right there. I mean, look at that. He's ready to pull it together. He's totally confident. Hey, you'll thank you so much for doing this. You're kidding me. This was fucking absolute blast, man. We love that. Amazing. We enjoyed it. I've heard about you. Well, but from Jenny in particular, so many times, it's so nice to finally meet you. I adore Jenny. I think the world of her, I think she's a huge talent. And I generally like her since I met her. And James look a real like a real three dimensional human that, you know, well, thank you. I've loved you from the moment we've met. We've always been buds. And Danny, you know, I love you. I feel like look, it's a lot fast. We love each other. Yeah, I love you. I got to say, I'm on the fence about guy, but I only saw him briefly. You know, we've seen guy a lot over the years. And we're still on the fence. Yeah. Well, no, we love guy. Guy is a guy is the glue that we sniff to make us funny. So and on that perfect note. Well, have you guys thank you so much. Thank you for having me take a picture, but to do anything, we love you. We'll see you next week..

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