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Our main focus this evening is a western and northern Orange County. There is a flash flood warning from a seal beach on down to Iran, Tustin and Costa Mesa for some very heavy downpours and that lasts until eleven thirty this evening. Also on the other side of the county line at Long Beach. They've been getting a report of some flooding there in the Belmont shore on the peninsula area. And this just continues to pour over that area. But it looks like every word north of there from the six zero five corridor on north and west really kind of dodging the rain for tonight staying dry in many areas. But then as we head on into tomorrow short off, the rain continuing for all of southern California that atmosphere river moisture being tapped in and we're going to have of that rain lasting wall into Thursday as well right now doubting Fifty-three Pasadena, sixty Sherman oaks fifty four at ten oh seven way, they get our team coverage with meteorologist Martino at the Weather Channel, the tell us what we can expect still looking at the potential for some. Localized downpours. Flood watch does continue for the region through eleven M this evening. We are looking for the potential of some light to moderate rain showers. Any one of these could cause a few problems, especially in the Wolsey fire burn area. The holy fire. Burn area. Those are the spots. We are the most concerned about as tomato. Rain continues to southern California tonight also watch for overnight dangers ponding of water on roadways. Standing water that could present a problem as well. More rain, maybe one to two more inches of rain on the way Wednesday night into Thursday. Heavy rain caused some street flooding tonight in Long Beach, as we just told you with a few more days of rain still ahead. People affected by the creek fire and Caygill canyon. Lopez canyon and little tahonga need to be prepared to evacuate with the fire. Charred hillsides already soaked the potential for them to give way only intensifies especially due to the unpredictability of the storms because they contain thunderstorms that can have very high intensity rainfall associated with them. It's the perfect storm if you will to create mud and debris flow. Mark portray director of LA county public works says. Right now, the county's debris basins have plenty of capacity, but the back to back storms means they will begin to fill up.

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