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You just can't seem to get some cooler weather across the area today with high temperatures back in the mid eighties channel four meteorologist. Dave nussbaum. Says tomorrow should be a lot cooler and drier we'll get more in his complete pinpoint forecast coming up. Breaking records upset wins are not just great fun for fans. It's great business for the people who sell fans their game day gear. It's not like records falling to drew Brees is unusual. But Pam Rendez at the black and gold shops says they've got a waiting list for people wanting stuff to commemorate his breaking the career passing yards record giggling. So they want a piece at at when something. With a record on it. Meanwhile, LSU fans are thrilled about the Georgia upset shore. But PJ llanview at Mike Pence as his customers are getting amped up for the Bama game in a few weeks. I anticipate especially if we get a win this weekend against Mississippi State fans are psyching themselves up for the November third showdown at tiger stadium. Search and rescue workers and the Florida panhandle have found thousands of hurricane Michael survivors in some of the hardest hit areas some of these people had no food or water. Definitely no power President Trump and the first lady there to see the devastation firsthand more now. And this update from CBS, Omar Villafranca. Nearly a week after Michael ravaged the panhandle. President Trump arrived at toward the disaster zone. When you're above it in a plane and to see the total devastation. Not even the pad incredible. The president also flew over Mexico beach, where crews with.

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