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Two four, two two seven send the tweet sent of hot Atkin Carmen I'll get back to tiger coming up here in. A moment I gotta get back to the Levy. On bell thing because I said earlier today and, I, want, to, get to, a, couple of calls, here, because, there's been, a, couple, of, people, hanging. Around so I want to get to, them Levian bell who decided is, not going to pick up the option would you probably make him a free agent which means he's probably gonna. Leave the Pittsburgh Steelers after this year A lot of people are begging on Levy on bell they're sick and tired of it why didn't he. Just take the money that was offered to. Him and a five year seventy million dollars that has, nothing to fart at that is a lot of. Money for a running back that's a hell of a lot. Of money and there might. Be somebody who is in his head telling him, things that maybe. He shouldn't be told maybe he thinks he can get. A. Lot. More than that maybe maybe it's just hearsay maybe they didn't exit actually offer him. Five years seventy million dollars that's what's reported I'm going to go on the report okay okay but I do know that. He is the best all around back in the NFL he does do the job to people and, I just try to put myself in his, shoes seeing what players deal with if. It were me and. I work at a, finance, company and somebody hires an intern in basically I know that I'm training my my replacement not. Gonna be too happy about that they've drafted running backs the same reason we're hey. I know everybody wanted to make Ben Rothlisberger, out to be a major league bastard about it I couldn't be Upset with him about the, whole Mason Rudolph thing I don't know. About Mason Rudolph maybe. Mason Rudolph will be, the, next great Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback or in the next great NFL quarterback he certainly has the fiscal. Features the such But if you're Ben. Rothlisberger you're. Going into your final years you. Can't continue this forever and yes that isn't a very annoying thing for Pittsburgh Steelers fans is that. He's constantly talking about retirement it's always looming It's almost like LeBron James the possibility of leaving when he was in. Miami and Cleveland twice there's always that. Specter and so the retirement gets thrown out there that gets annoying, but if you're Ben Rothlisberger you know you're the, best chance to win a Super. Bowl that they have I have no idea about Mason Rudolph I know the Ben Rothlisberger is one of the league's elite, quarterbacks and you know it, and Kevin Colbert knows it and the Rooney, family knows it and? So instead of for Ben, Rothlisberger instead of giving me another, weapon of work with giving. Me somebody, else on defense giving me another wide receiver. Even though they did just get James Montgomery do. Believe that right They did just you could have gotten, all these guys you you got him you got, my backup we've last year you. Took Josh Dobbs what are you trying to tell me you're using valuable picks guys who can help me out whether it, be in depth on offense, or defense guys who you do that you're, doing this to me Hey. You know what it isn't an egotistical driven game I I can understand Ben Rothlisberger in that regard and for this I can understand love EON bell, you guys around you who have long term deals Lucrative endorsement deals They've been taken care of, by the, organization long term you want to be taken care, of long term their perks, to better their their. Benefits are better if I try to equate it, to real life I find out. What they're making and then you look at a, guy like this say, your, Levy on say, you're running Becker say you're Bob in, your in sales and you find out that Jeff over an accounting is making this much for that long term ended getting getting x. amount of benefits that you're not getting any of that. Type of stuff but you're doing sales and you're doing accounting because levian Bill is their second leading receiver James Harrison said on f s one folks there's there's number..

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