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Hi, I'm Ellen Tepper today on beyond podcasting, we'll be discussing branded RSS in the euro of platform expulsion. Thanks. What shooting into beyond podcasting dot com way. We recognize that your online radio show is much more than just a podcast. Your show can be broadcast live, which is not a podcast. Your show can be heard on a website, which isn't a podcast either. Of course, you're online radio show can and shoot also be syndicated as a podcast by RSS where your listeners can subscribe using the standard pod catcher, or you'll shows own branded app, Android, and I o s beyond podcasting dot com. Kevin microphones interfaces, mixers, production, software recording techniques, based practices and mall. Now enjoy another episode, yon podcasting dot com. With your host, Alan Taber, you're listening to be on podcasting Mellon Tepper in the studio in Miami, Florida. And we have Chris curry of podcast engineering school from Colorado. I believe Colorado Springs is that. Correct, Kris. That's right. Colorado Springs about an hour, south Denver, right at the foot of pikes peak. Very interesting. Well, Chris has already become a regular since this is the second time that he's coming on beyond podcasting, so welcome back. Chris. Koren happy to be here. If you would understand the joke, I might say welcome back kotter. Oh, yeah, Mr. gun Mr. Qatar. Exactly. Well, today were here to talk about something different. Something that we haven't talked about before on beyond podcasting, and the name of the show is branded. S s in the area of platform expulsion and that requires lots of explanation. And Chris, of course, is the man behind podcast engineering school, and he's really, really good in audio recording and post production. But he's a podcast her and I wanted to have a friendly podcast or with me to stop me when I say things that are too complex and need some explanation. So that's why asked. This to come with us today, and I appreciate it. Chris, that you're here, I should have brought my whistle. I could blow my whistle when I wanna stop you. Yes, yes. Even though your site kick berry is not there. I might occasionally stop and say, what would bury say because of this situation or something like that. Yeah, several things in the explanation here before we get into the nitty gritty and some of the newbies in this medium might be asking at the very, very beginning, what's in our s s? So let's talk about that a little bit for a minute, and then we'll go forward from there. And I like to make some analogies as we go along. There's the official words that come behind it, which is rich site summary, although a lot of people just call it real simple syndication, and even though that's not the official name for it, I like that nickname that it has because it has to do with syndication. And if we do the analogy of a conventional AM or FM radio station, Kris, have you ever visited one in in your history? Yes. Yeah. Few times actually once when I was in cub scouts when I was real young, but but in my adult life, yeah, a few times I've been radio stations. In fact, you just brought the memory I knew had gone as a kid, but I didn't remember. And I think it probably was with cub scouts also. Yeah, that's great to know. Well, I like to make the distinction that if you're in the lobby, if you haven't come in back to the part where the offices in the studios are because there's usually a lobby and there's usually a big speaker on the wall and that speaker was just the speaker. It was connected to their board in their master control where you would hear what's being broadcast. It wasn't a radio. It was the actual signal of the radio before it went out to the transmitter. So when people come in depending on how you set up your show, of course, but at least with mine when people come in the visit directly on my website and they press play, it's like they're in the lobby of the radio station. It hasn't gone through our assess. It hasn't been syndicated and that's why I like that nickname because it includes the word syndication because of. We always want our shows to be syndicated on lots of different platforms. And of course the popular platforms include what used to be called. I tunes and now it's gradually being converted into apple podcasts and Google podcasts and tune-in Stitcher all these different platforms because we want to be heard as many places as possible. So my analogy is when you're sitting in the lobby of the radio station, it's like when you're on the website, at least the way mine is set up in it, maybe different the way each individual person sets it up because some of the people set up the website so that it's actually using a player that is connected through our assessment, depends how it set up, but at least the way mine is it's playing the MP three directly. So

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